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If you’re used to the Mac, I’d also recommending sticking with that. For best price/performance, PCs win, but again…stick with what’s comfortable. For the processors, if you only plan on using it for papers, spreadsheets, slide decks, email, etc. the i5 processor would be fine. If you also plan on using it for your photography (and/or video), go i7 and as much memory as fits your budget…in any case, I would go minimum 8GB. For internal storage…512GB+ if you plan on storing a lot of photos, videos, music, etc. (again, budget permitting), but I would still recommend iCloud service for backup if you’re storing anything local (that you care about). Also, sounds like you’re heading this direction anyway, but only the Pro w/ Retina display has a video out (HDMI) if you want to connect to external monitor or your TV. Lesser models need extra cable converters.

Incidentally, for software, with your student ID you can get significantly discounted prices on software. I’ve used academicsoftware.com in the past. If you want Office…sign up at Outlook.com and you can get the basics of Microsoft Office for free in an online edition. Not sure if Adobe sells the full CS bundle any way other than online service any more, but you can still get Photoshop.

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