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Angel Parr

I would have to say my favorite part of Playland is the girlfriend experience room for many reasons! We have the Wii game system for us to have fully nude game time for extended periods of time. There’s a huge TV which is great for porn, or even just laying back on the couch with some popcorn and candy to cuddle and watch a few movies. Then when you’re ready to be naughty there’s the Tantric Sex Chair which has up to 600 available positions on it and up to 5 people to play with them all!
Now if you really want to spoil yourself you book out every room in Playland and party in every room! We can start off in the locker room where we met for the first time and you took advantage of me, turning me into your personal slut. Then off to classroom, since you’ve already had me in the looker room I now have to make sure you are happy to keep my grades up, next I’ve graduated and you gave me a job at your new firm, and snuck a camera underneath my desk. If I want to keep my job I have make sure my boss is very, very happy and since I was a naughty little girl in school you already have me used to pleasing you just the way you like. After a long day at work my boss must be tired so of course I have to go over to your in house spa to give you a proper massage, happy ending included of course, and then to role-play the Geisha girl where I am your dirty little sex slave. After years of you taking advantage of me I end up your girlfriend, cuddling on the couch and pleasing you on our Tantric sex chair! Now that is the ultimate fantasy!

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