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Charina Lee

Hi! I like science fiction, but I have to admit, I haven’t had much time for reading lately. But I do like science fiction movies and adventures. Have you ever seen the valley of fire here in Nevada? I’ve done some photo shoots out there….I’ve been told two Star Trek episodes were filmed there because of the rock formations and colors. It feels like another planet when you’re out there….And as far as Geeks…I have a saying…..NEVER poke fun at a Geek…The Geek you are poking fun at today will most likely be the one interviewing you for the job you want and need some day! The “Geeks” of the world are the ones that will be solving so many of our challenges facing our world….And some of those answers to those challenges will be from science and space….then science fiction won’t be fiction!!!! Hugs, Charina Lee!

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