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    I visited all the Southern houses this past Monday and was not having great experiences at Alien Cathouse or Chicken Ranch. I ended up next door to Sheri’s, the first brothel I had researched months ago and thought I should check it out, knowing I could never afford to party there. So I drove over to Sheri’s and the parking lot was packed, I figured I’d go in, look around and leave. I went to the bar, where there were three ladies waiting, keeping to themselves. I went to the bar and ordered a drink, and the closest courtesan at the bar came up and introduced herself. She was Sybil Stallone, I didn’t know it at that point but she’s a full fledged pornstar (I know that now, hahaha) with an ass and tits to kill for. I wasn’t too eager, since I figured I’d be quoted to the sky, but she offered a tour of the resort. I had been seriously considering staying at Sheri’s a couple months ago, so I was curious what the place was like and it was really nice. The nuru and jacuzzi rooms are cool and the pool area, hallways and rooms wouldn’t look out of place at a decent chain hotel. I was impressed.

    Ultimately Sybil and I got to her room and I told her upfront what my day had been like and that I was about ready to head back to the bar. I don’t like wasting too much of people’s time. I told her what my budget was and she didn’t hesitate to tell me she could work with that amount and I could tip her afterwards if I wanted. I was stunned and jumped at the opportunity. She went to the front to take care of the financials, which from her room is quite a walk in six inch heels. The next hour consisted of some great, easy conversation, a bunch of sex and GFE type activities. It was awesome and Sybil was kind, easy going and sexy as hell. Oh, and the hour came with a bottle of champagne.

    Afterwards I did tip her, because in my opinion, she was awesome and went above and beyond.

    I hadn’t eaten all day, so I ordered steak and shrimp at the bar. The food was surprisingly good for the price; I’d compare it to Sizzler or Applebees. There were a few customers in the bar while I ate, some talking to courtesans, of which I saw four or five in the bar, though I didn’t recognize them from their pictures online.

    After that I drove back to Los Angeles.

    Overall I consider this to have been a great experience/day/adventure. I can’t speak highly enough of Sybil and honestly I started planning my return trip to Sheri’s the next day!


    Thanks Ed. Never been to Alien Cathouse.
    Being a porn start, I think I could not afford Sybil for a party.


    Sybil Stallone is one Beautiful n Sexy Porn Star. I’ve done 1 Party at Sheris with a Milf Pornstar ” Sunny Day ” when she was at Sheris back in 2009 and I was on a Budget that I thought she couldnt work with and when I told her Sunny she said ” Yeah, i could work with that , it’ll be by activity though ” and I said Thats fine n Thank you. That sheris party with a porn star is one of the Best partys I’ve done at Sheris ranch Actually. so partying with a porn star isnt too impossible.

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    I will consider it. You did not have a PSE party?


    Anyone party with her in the filming room?

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