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Let’s Take a Sex Vacation!

Imagine this: Your plane arrives at the airport after an uneventful flight and you make your way to your private, unmarked limo. You relax in the comfortable leather seat and enjoy a cocktail as you stretch your legs, unwind from the flight, and ride to a secluded resort in the boundless Nevada desert.

You check in to your spacious hotel suite, turn on the fireplace and soak in a relaxing Jacuzzi tub. Refreshed, you stroll across a charming courtyard and enter an all-American pub where you enjoy a juicy steak and another fine drink.

This is going to be a great vacation, you think to yourself. But it gets better…

You take your beverage into an adjacent Victorian parlor and recline on a divan. To your delight, over a dozen sexily-clad goddesses, each lovelier than the next, line up in front of you and introduce themselves one-by-one.

After the introductions, a hostess asks “Which lady or ladies do you prefer?”

This is no ordinary vacation, this is a sex vacation!

What is an adult sex vacation?

Generally speaking, a sex vacation is exactly what one might suspect: It’s a holiday where the primary mode of recreation is sexual activity. These erotic vacations often take place in “sex resorts” where prostitutes are readily available to service the vacationer and tend to his or her carnal needs.

These days, many gentlemen and couples are turned off by the phrase “sex vacation,” as it is often associated with shady retreats in the Caribbean or Southeast Asia, places rife with sex trafficking and sexually transmitted diseases. In recent decades, the Dominican Republic has become particularly notorious for the high rate of HIV/AIDS associated with its sex tourism industry.

Unbeknownst to many randy travelers, fantastic sex vacation experiences can be found in the continental United States, specifically in Nevada, where brothels are absolutely legal in rural desert counties. These licensed establishments have received acclaim for their safe sex practices and STD-free environment.


Types of sex vacations

Of course, there are as many varieties of sex vacations as there are sexual proclivities. Below are a few samples of typical adult vacation adventures.

Anniversary Threesome

One of the most common erotic holidays is the anniversary threesome. Many couples, particularly couples that have been together for a long period of time, find that their sex life has become a bit mundane. Nothing reignites the flames of passion or quenches the thirst for adventure like an additional sex participant. An inaugural threesome is the perfect anniversary gift for a couple ready to explore the myriad of possibilities that three-way sex offers.


Let’s face it; some guys just can’t get enough. Libidinous men seeking not one, but numerous intimate encounters with a wide variety of sultry seductresses often book a sex resort where they can bang away until the Viagra runs out. These men appreciate having a discreet base of operations where all of their sexual aggression can be alleviated by a legion of lascivious ladies. This is a very popular vacation option for newly divorced men.

Adult Deflowering

Many adult men find themselves hopelessly stuck in the virginity cycle, unable to lose their virginity due to either a lack of confidence in their sexual abilities or a lack of sex opportunities. Adult virgins often sneak away to a sex resort and take full advantage of an ideal occasion to not only lose their virginity to a gorgeous gal, but also to learn a thing or two that will help them re-enter the sex scene with new-found confidence in their lovemaking skills.

Plan Your Sex Vacation

As mentioned above, Nevada brothels are an excellent option for men, women, and couples searching for a safe, discreet, and STD-free sex vacation in the USA.

If you want to enjoy a hot vacation at Sheri’s Ranch, the premier Nevada sex resort, take a look at our sex vacation packages, book a room in our on-site hotel, and browse the many sex bungalows where you can enjoy an unforgettable erotic encounter. We even have BDSM rooms and a specialty wing designed specifically for sexual role play.

But most importantly, connect with the legal courtesans of Nevada and learn about the actual women who will be turning your fantasies into memories. Send them a message and let them know what naughty things you have in mind for your first, or next, sex vacation!


The 60’s Sex Bungalow at Sheri’s Ranch


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