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Hot, Steamy Summer Vacation Sex!

The 4th of July is right around the corner, and Las Vegas is ready to host the 300,000 visitors that usually make their way to Sin City to celebrate Independence Day, Vegas-style. Gaming, partying, and all sorts of debauchery are sure to ensue as travelers take advantage of the three-day weekend and attempt to release as much of their bent up pressure as humanly possible. Quite a few of these stressed-out vacationers will be making their way to Sheri’s Ranch, Nevada’s premier legal bordello, to indulge in one of the most pleasurable and rejuvenating activities known to man: Vacation Sex!

A 2012 survey questioning over 1,500 adults found that nearly 75% of men and women between the ages of 18 and 49 say that sex is exponentially better during a vacation. What is it about vacation sex that makes it so special? Since Sheri’s Ranch is the top sex vacation destination in the United States, we have a few ideas why this particular genre of sexual activity is so darn spectacular.

It all starts with relaxation

Nothing is more disruptive to a good sex life than stress. Stress is not only harmful to your overall health, but also seriously impedes your ability to perform sexually and truly enjoy sexual activity.

The first step to extraordinary vacation sex is to genuinely relax. When you’re on vacation, you need to be away from the stressful triggers of everyday life. Work and money concerns should fade away as you find yourself in a soothing, tension-free environment.

At Sheri’s, we fully understand the importance of relaxing during a sex vacation. The brothel is located in a relatively remote area of the gorgeous Nevada desert 60 miles from Las Vegas, far enough away from your daily grind. On Sheri’s 20 acre property, vacationers will find a private on-site hotel, bar & restaurant, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, tennis court, and just about anything else you’ll need to unwind.

Once you’re sufficiently loosened up, you can explore the numerous sex rooms, VIP bungalows, massage parlors, and role play suites with your choice from the dozens of breathtaking courtesans present at the ranch at any given time.

An opportunity to try something new and naughty

When you’re on vacation you’re in a fresh environment where you can let your hair down and be as wild and indecent as you want to be. Vacation sex is often mind-blowing because vacationers allow themselves to explore sexual possibilities that they wouldn’t try at home.

Maybe you’re a couple that wants to invite another woman into your bed for a threesome, but dare not tell anyone in your local neighborhood about such a desire. At Sheri’s, three-way sex can be discreetly and thoroughly explored with our ladies. In fact, it’s one of the house specialties.

Whether you’re a guy with a fetish that you’re just yearning to experiment with, or a woman seeking her first girl-on-girl love affair, Sheri’s provides a non-judgmental environment where just about any sexual fantasy can be wholly fulfilled.

It’s worry-free, no-frills sex

The best part of truly wonderful vacation sex is that it is pleasure for the sake of pure, unbridled pleasure. When you’re relaxed and practicing gratifying new carnal diversions, you’re doing it with no regard for the consequences of such behavior. When your vacation has ended, you need not worry about the ramifications of your deviant activities, because truly perfect vacation sex has no consequences.

When you have vacation sex at Sheri’s Ranch, you never have to worry about the “woman from that drunken tryst” calling your home, or fear your bowling buddies discovering your penchant for cross-dressing. At Sheri’s, all of your sexual secrets are safe with us.

Moreover, all of the courtesans at Sheri’s Ranch are tested weekly for STD’s and practice only safe sex. Since no one has ever contracted a sexually transmitted disease from a Nevada courtesan in the 40 year history of legalized prostitution, you definitely won’t have to worry about your health while having sensational vacation sex with the ladies at Sheri’s.

So enjoy your Independence Day Weekend and your summer vacation, and revel in the great sex that vacation season allows for! We know we will…


To learn more about erotic getaways at Sheri’s Ranch, check out our sex vacation packages. Photos featuring Angelica, Kennedy, and Kitty Cat

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