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Erotic Massage: My Personal Story

By now you’ve likely heard about the newest architectural addition to Sheri’s Ranch: our Nuru Massage Room. Based on an erotic Asian bathhouse practice, Nuru is, quite simply, one of steamiest, most slippery and sexy erotic massage services we’ve ever offered.

So what is Nuru, exactly, and who is it for? Having used the room several times now, I’d like to share my story with you, set your expectations, and suggest why you should indulge in a Nuru massage when you next visit Sheri’s.

A Nuru massage should be a highly erotic massage full of great sensory play. Both therapeutic and sexual, this really is a mind-blower. Part of its attraction to me is not only the close physical contact, but the excitement of getting downright messy. In this room you get to regress a bit. It’s hot, wet, slippery play, all grown up – a Slip ‘n Slide for naughty adults.

I like to prepare the room before use by turning on the heat and running a hot shower. Not only will I join you in the shower so I can rub and caress you prior to your treatment, but the steam permeates the room and adds to the erotic nature of the experience.


With soft music and dim lights adding to the atmosphere, I will lead you out of the shower – still wet – and take you to the bed. Covered in black latex and plump pillows, I’ll have you relax there as I offer you a glass of champagne or some hot tea.

Once you are comfortable the real fun begins. Using a seaweed-based massage gel that I’ve already warmed up, I’ll begin to apply the solution to your body with my bare hands. Because you are still damp from the shower the gel flows over your skin like a warm, thick river of delight, trickling down your limbs and sides. I continue to rub and caress it onto your entire body and apply the same gel to my skin. Perhaps you would even help me rub it on…

Now the massage begins. Using different parts of my body I’ll work your muscles gently but firmly. Imagine my breasts on your back, my thighs around your waist, my toes pressed into your calves, my elbows on your chest and backside. Through steady, concentrated movement I’ll release all your tensions and introduce you to a whole new world of ecstasy. And as I work on you, you could gaze at the full length mirror adjacent to the bed. Watch as I mesmerizingly apply the oils and assume a variety of body-on-body positions. This is nothing short of pure erotica. And, of course, this massage includes a very happy ending.

So who is Nuru for?

  • Repeat clients who are looking for a new experience. My return clients have thus far been thrilled with the Nuru room.
  • Gents who have enjoyed traditional spa massages, but want to experience the next level of treatment
  • Virgins. Your first time is always a bit unnerving. This type of massage is a great way to break the ice, relax and make your first sexual experience unforgettably special.
  • For those guys who don’t want to go “all the way,” a Nuru massage can be the perfect choice – hot and sexy but it needn’t include full-service sex.
  • Anyone into sensory play.
  • Nuru massage is an absolute must for couples. What an idea to take home! The gift that lasts a lifetime….

I do hope you’ll come check it out. Total bliss guaranteed.

All images feature Char from Sheri’s Ranch. 
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