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For the Love of Lingerie [Photos]

What is it about sexy lingerie that drives men wild? Maybe it’s the idea that such intimate apparel is seen only by a woman’s lovers. Lingerie is not merely underwear, it’s sex-wear: inviting attire signaling that a woman is ready for an evening of unrelenting depravity.

Recent scientific data suggests that lingerie is sexy because lingerie is, quite simply, associated with sex. In a 2014 sex study conducted by the Concordia University in Montreal, a group of virgin male rats were introduced to, and proceeded to copulate with, sexually receptive female rats wearing tiny jackets. Later, the same males were given a choice between two new sets of females, one group wearing the jackets and another wearing nothing at all. The male rodents preferred the females wearing the jackets. The males suspected, based on experience, that the lady rats wearing the “sexy” jackets were hot and loose. Human males, who have a similar neurochemistry to rats, react in a comparable fashion when they see an ostensibly libidinous woman in lingerie.

While the Concordia University study may take some of the mystery away from your next panty raid, it certainly hasn’t negatively affected the lingerie industry. Quite the opposite, lingerie sales were up in 2014. Victoria’s Secret alone pulls in over 6 billion in intimate apparel revenue annually, proving how increasingly important lingerie is to our daily (sex) lives.

Just as combat boots, service caps, badges, insignias, and lapel pins make up a US Army service uniform, the various corsets, bustiers, teddies, garter belts, babydolls, and bodystockings make up the uniform of the sexual servicewomen of Sheri’s Ranch. The legal courtesans of Sheri’s know exactly what turns you on, and lingerie is one of the most important, and effective, tools of their controversial trade.

Those of you who regularly visit our desert oasis know that when you walk through the doors of Sheri’s Ranch you enter a sex den populated by over two dozen lingerie-clad knockouts. For those of you who have not yet graced the ladies of Sheri’s with your presence, this photo essay will give you an idea of what you’ve been missing, and a taste of what’s waiting for you when you decide to make your first trek to the Las Vegas area’s most celebrated bawdy house!

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Julia Rose


Sassy Pants




Pro tip: Got a piece of lingerie that you’re just itching to see your Sheri’s girl wear on your next date? Email her, discover her size, and send her the apparel as a gift. Her gratitude will be evident when you get together for your romantic rendezvous…


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