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Why Are Asian Girls Sexy?

Asians are arguably the most stereotyped of female sex workers. We have developed a reputation as docile, genial pleasure-robots who live only to service lustful Asiaphiles in illegal massage parlors hidden throughout the United States. The Asian sexual encounter promises an exotic experience with a satiny-skinned geisha who is versed in ancient sexual techniques incomprehensible to western women.

As a legal prostitute working in a large Nevada brothel with a diverse group of hot women, I have a unique perspective on why men and couples seeking a sexual partner often prefer a woman of Asian descent. While I am guilty of playing up to the image of the exotic oriental sex servant – a fantasy that I am more that capable of realizing for clients with such an inclination, I’ve learned that people seeking a sex partner choose Asian women primarily for their physical attributes. When I am chosen from a lineup comprised of various courtesans of differing races and ethnic backgrounds, it is very rarely because the client has a presumption that my ethnicity makes me an obedient lover.

Listed below are the characteristics, physical and non-physical, that my numerous clients say they adore most about Asian women.

Sexy Asian physical attributes

The softest, most natural skin in the world. I’ve had more men and women comment on my nude skin than any other aspect of my physical self. They will tell me that my legs appear as if I’m wearing expensive, silk stockings. Our sexy skin is indeed exceptionally soft and delicate and is often referred to as “ageless”. I have friends in their 50’s that look 30, not just in the face, but everywhere (yes, everywhere).

Hair in only the right places. I’ve always gotten wonderful compliments about my long, lustrous hair. When I was younger I would have it up in a bun. When I would take my hair down, it went down almost to my knees. Yet, most Asians are hairless just about everywhere else. I think the last time I shaved my legs was about three months ago.

Nipples, nipples, nipples!  Not all Asian women share this characteristic, but most of us from the Philippines have long, protruding, and very sensitive nipples. When I get excited, mine are like a mini erection – and if a man or woman knows how to seductively play with them, I orgasm without any stimulation anywhere else.

Those eyes. The epicanthic fold of an Asian woman’s eyes creates the sense that she’s always looking at people with bedroom eyes. That “come hither,” dreamy look that beckons to transport her lover to a romantic, welcoming place. The shape of our eyes contributes to that mysterious or unusual look and sense of sexual adventure.

The Asian attitude toward sex: submissive or simply kind? 

This is the attribute that brings up stereotypes, cultural differences, and even the way people feel about other races.  Many western men view Asian women as “submissive.” I’m sure there are some submissive Asian women and plenty of submissive non-Asian women. But I am not submissive. I do not like to be treated disrespectfully, nor do I want to be abused or ordered around or treated as a sexual servant.

In fact, I actually like to take control of situations and have a very strong will and mind. But I am kind. I have empathy for others. I enjoy pleasing! Whether in the kitchen or the bedroom, I LOVE TO PLEASE!  Maybe it’s a fine line, but I think the willingness to bring joy and pleasure to others gets easily misinterpreted as “submissive.”  People mistake kindness for weakness every day. I think that happens to Asian women more often because we truly love to please – and many of us are very, very good at pleasing.


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