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I used to be really shy as a kid but open up more as I grow older. Today I would say I’m more reserved than shy. I don’t think I will ever be a bombastic and obnoxious “life of the party” type, but I have developed more confidence for sure.

In my experience at Sheri’s, you shouldn’t have to worry about being shy because they are compassionate, nonjudgmental, and want you to have a good time. Conversing is surprisingly easy there.

One thing I used to struggle with was approaching attractive women, even if the reason had nothing to do with an interest in a relationship. I can say that I have become more comfortable approaching women in general since my visit at Sheri’s. One such example occurred last year. There was a really bright and attractive Russian girl in my calculus class who I began to talk to when class had been canceled one day. I began a study group with her and some others in class and we had several productive study sessions at a hookah lounge throughout the semester. Pre-Sheri’s-Me would never have had the courage to talk to her.

Another place I have been more successful is at work. I have become more sure of myself and my abilities. Particularly, I find delegation and tough conversations about job performance to be an easier task.

I hope that helps and hope your visit to Sheri’s transforms you in the best of ways!

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