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    I am creating this post because I am a shy person.

    I would like to hear from other shy, quiet, or socially awkward customers who had or have been involved with beautiful women at Sheri’s Ranch.

    Please tell about your experience and how much you have changed when you went back home.

    Did your shyness go away?


    I used to be really shy as a kid but open up more as I grow older. Today I would say I’m more reserved than shy. I don’t think I will ever be a bombastic and obnoxious “life of the party” type, but I have developed more confidence for sure.

    In my experience at Sheri’s, you shouldn’t have to worry about being shy because they are compassionate, nonjudgmental, and want you to have a good time. Conversing is surprisingly easy there.

    One thing I used to struggle with was approaching attractive women, even if the reason had nothing to do with an interest in a relationship. I can say that I have become more comfortable approaching women in general since my visit at Sheri’s. One such example occurred last year. There was a really bright and attractive Russian girl in my calculus class who I began to talk to when class had been canceled one day. I began a study group with her and some others in class and we had several productive study sessions at a hookah lounge throughout the semester. Pre-Sheri’s-Me would never have had the courage to talk to her.

    Another place I have been more successful is at work. I have become more sure of myself and my abilities. Particularly, I find delegation and tough conversations about job performance to be an easier task.

    I hope that helps and hope your visit to Sheri’s transforms you in the best of ways!

    Kellie Love

    Good Afternoon Gentlemen,

    First and foremost, let me commend you on posting this topic! It can be challenging just to have a voice on here, so you both are on the right track!

    Rewith85man, even though I am a provider now, I was not always. Although not a customer, I can identify with your issue. In my younger days, I used to be quiet, nervous and shy when I was around guys I thought were “out of my league.” As I got older, I discovered that attractive people, or what you deem attractive, are people just like you. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so it starts from within. Having self confidence is key to being with woman. I personally find a guy who has confidence more attractive than a guy with traditional “good looks” who is unsure of himself. I believe the only thing that will change your perception is time and experience. As you continue being involved with ladies, you will come to see that a good conversation, and of course a token of appreciation, are two of the main components of having more positive encounters with us gals. Gather your courage, put your best smile on, and just go for it! I have faith that you will have a blast once you open up as allow us ladies to show you a time you will never forget! 🙂

    CandyAndy, I agree with you 100% in your description of us ladies. Compassion an a non judgmental attitude are two important factors when dealing not only with shy/reserved guys, but guys you are not sure about. In a few minutes of chatter, we do have to cast a judgment. but it is not one of negative intent, rather, how to best accommodate that individual. For example, I would not encourage you to pick me up and flip me upside on the pole if you are a reserved individual, rather, engage in a less fraternity like behavior, such as a nice conversation, or sitting intimately in a dimly lit corner in the bar, sharing in each other’s thoughts. There is a time and a place for all people and desires here at Sheri’s. A multitude of ladies will be more than happy to accommodate those desires and people. I am happy that you have grown into yourself and are comfortable and confident in who you are, both at work and at play. It takes strength and courage to step outside of your comfort zone, and I commend you on your diligence and efforts. I too had to learn about delegation and constructive criticism on the job in my management days; but the lessons that I learned helped mold me into the person I am today. And I am proud of who I am!

    Fellas, I hope my words have made a difference in your perspective and that you both continue to become more and more comfortable with yourselves, and us ladies. Feel free to reach out to me personally if there are any other questions, comments, or concerns you both may have.



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