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Personally, I’ve had good success with either approach. In the past, when I had never met any of the girls or if one or two caught my eye, I would start an email correspondence. Partially to get to know them, but also for them to know me. I try to remember that these girls are sweet and kind, but they are also hardworking. It can be difficult to provide the quality service they take pride in if we don’t reach out. There are a lot of clients out there and we should never make them guess our intent.

However, I’ve also had success meeting a lady in the bar and have a great conversation in the span of an evening to build a great rapport. Those parties have been fabulous as well.

Regarding your question about conversational topics, that is up to you. The point is to express yourself here. My opinion is being genuine and unassuming is a good thing. I’ve seen situations where a client comes in showing off and being a braggart. We see these types in bars everywhere. They just want to get their ego off. That is not going to help them get what they want. So, taking that lesson to heart, just share about yourself as if you are talking to a friend or the girl next door. Don’t be self-depricating, but honest. It’s even OK to talk about being shy if you express it in a positive way. This way, you share about yourself and she has an understanding. And regarding the issue, it’s heading in a positive direction.

Don’t know if that helped. It got a bit philosophical here and there. However, I would be happy to clarify if you want/need me to do so.

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