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Wow everyone…This is awesome!

Shay- I’m really happy to know that the gang there has already beat me to it with a little celebration in Marci’s honor! Thanks for filling me in. Wish I could be there!

Eva – Thanks! It took me a little while to pick up on some of the behind-the-scenes things at the Ranch, so I’m just trying to pass that along. I know firsthand that it can be overwhelming for the male brain when you initially get to Sheri’s, (Wait, you mean I can potentially have sex with Her?!…or HER?!…or even Her AND HER?!?!?! **brain short-circuits, sparks fly, eyes pinwheel, smoke rises from ears **) but the more I understood, the more I appreciated everyone’s hard work. I will gladly accept your “cheers”!…I take those whenever I can get’em 🙂

Alissa – Oh no, my cover is blown…You’ve connected my online and real-world personas!! LOL I can’t believe you remember my MFC business cards! Damn, you have quite a keen memory!…perhaps only rivaled by your beauty and charm. 🙂

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