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    Hey Forum Crew!
    Just wanted to send out a little love for my favorite bartender ever, Marci. She’s the bar manager/bartender there at the Ranch, and I can honestly say that she always makes my experience there better.

    She’ll probably kill me for saying this, but her birthday is coming up very soon…So I want to encourage everyone who can, to drop by, have a few drinks with her, and let her know that she is appreciated! If also you happen to leave a generous tip when you go, then you score some serious karma points, too! 😉

    Is Marci gorgeous? Absolutely. Do I have a slight crush on her? well, yeah. Am I the self-anointed President, CEO, Janitor and Coffee Guy of the Marci Fan Club? Damn straight!…But all of that aside, she is a talented bartender; smart, funny, quick-witted, feisty and delightful, and a simply amazing woman. So if you find yourself at her bar, treat her right!

    Digression: For those of you (Sheri’s courtesans included) who may grumble about the tipping comment, consider how much Marci, and all the rest of the Sheri’s bartenders and staff contributes to your overall experience. They create a nice place (the bar area) to relax, interact, hangout, get food/drinks etc. They make bungalow deliveries, clean/maintain facilities, and just generally keep things running in an orderly fashion. For a customer, this behind the scenes work translates into a adult playground atmosphere. For the courtesans, they make it possible to create decadent experiences, and cater to your clientele at an even higher (and higher $$$$) level. I’m just saying, don’t take them for granted!


    We are celebrating Marci’s Birthday on Friday night here at the ranch!!!!!!!! She is simply amazing.


    Happy early birthday, Marci. I really should try to meet her on my next trip.


    Dear Marci,
    Happy Birthday! XO


    I love Marci! Wish I could be there to celebrate!

    ps still got your business card that displays on my mirror with all my awesome Sheri’s peeps when I’m in office 🙂

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    Eva M

    I agree YB_Goode, you have a way with words that really help describe what goes on here though you’re always on the receiving end of it. Thank you for noticing and giving credit where it’s truly due! We’ll have a toast while celebrating another year of life for the great and wonderful bartender Marci and in that toast a “Cheers” to you 😉

    Happy Birthday Marci!!!!!


    Wow everyone…This is awesome!

    Shay- I’m really happy to know that the gang there has already beat me to it with a little celebration in Marci’s honor! Thanks for filling me in. Wish I could be there!

    Eva – Thanks! It took me a little while to pick up on some of the behind-the-scenes things at the Ranch, so I’m just trying to pass that along. I know firsthand that it can be overwhelming for the male brain when you initially get to Sheri’s, (Wait, you mean I can potentially have sex with Her?!…or HER?!…or even Her AND HER?!?!?! **brain short-circuits, sparks fly, eyes pinwheel, smoke rises from ears **) but the more I understood, the more I appreciated everyone’s hard work. I will gladly accept your “cheers”!…I take those whenever I can get’em 🙂

    Alissa – Oh no, my cover is blown…You’ve connected my online and real-world personas!! LOL I can’t believe you remember my MFC business cards! Damn, you have quite a keen memory!…perhaps only rivaled by your beauty and charm. 🙂


    I am a good detective ybgoode, no fear your secret is safe with me! 🙂

    Angel Parr

    Happy birthday Marcie! I <3 you girl! I hope your birthday is just as amazing as you are!
    Ladies and gentleman, please remember tips are appreciated, your bar tender works hard to be this loveable!

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