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There’s really no need to be nervous about your visit. Sheri’s bar and restaurant is a local’s favorite, so people frequent our commercial facility for food and drink. Many people patronize Sheri’s for lunch or dinner and may or may not party. Enter Sheri’s bar and restaurant with the same frame of mind that you’d patronize any other restaurant.

There is no pressure to party with the Courtesans, but they will visit your table to introduce themselves. Upon entering you may inform the hostess that you have an appointment or that you’d like Courtesans to approach you at your table. If you desire, you may ask the hostess for a Courtesan lineup at any time. Sheri’s Ranch isn’t an automatic lineup brothel because they aren’t done in the bar. A private lineup will be provided for you in a separate parlor.

You shouldn’t be nervous because it’s a brothel so the Courtesans naturally assume you’re there for sex. It’s different from a regular date with a Lady where you don’t know if you’ll get lucky, because at Sheri’s you WILL get laid!

I recommend against liquid courage or alcohol because it dulls the senses, makes men impotent and intoxicated men make poor lovers. If you’re still nervous with your chosen Courtesan, convey that fact to her because Sheri’s Courtesans are masters at relaxing their clients.


P.S. A map of the premises is included in the post “Tour?” if you’d like a general idea of the layout since it may make you more comfortable upon arrival. http://newblog.sherisranch.com/forums/topic/tour/#post-12353

You may click on “Open the map in Google maps” too. http://www.sherisranch.com/directions.aspx

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