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LonelyVegas Bear,

I remember Colette as a beautiful buxom blonde. I believe she left Sheri’s Ranch in 2011. Colette has 7 reviews dated February to July 2011. It’s against Sheri’s Ranch policy to provide Courtesans’ personal information. Sheri’s Ranch is a licensed LPIN brothel, and prohibited from assisting in illegal independent prostitute or escort dates. However, you may contact the office to determine if you can book a party, but it depends on whether we have her current information for a business consultation. Also, she would have to be available and interested in becoming a Courtesan again. In addition, she would have to sign a contract and obtain required LPIN licensing, and it’s impractical to return for a single party.

Colette’s Official page profile, photos, preferences, statistics, schedule and reviews: http://www.sherisranch.com/lady.aspx?id=427

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