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No worries, Jalrey, if you are respectful and a gentleman, any word that gets around will be the good kind. The women aren’t “watching” really, but they are observant and great many have developed a keen sense about the clients who come in. They are professionals, and totally understand not every lady fits what you might be into. I’m just advising that you not jerk the ladies around, waste their time, and then decide that no one there is “perfect enough” for you…that they will notice, but if you’re not rude about it, it’s no harm no foul. Hell, they might even recommend another girl that will be more your type.

And, yeah I’m saying this because I look out for the women there when I can (some of the finest people I’ve run into!), and it drives me nuts to see them treated poorly, but I’m looking out for you, too! Treat the women well (without being a pompous ass) and you’ll have a great time.

Have fun!


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