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travelinman33 is not only one with this condition. I tried to post my comment in the article titled “The Oft-Unmentioned Cure for Adult Virginity”, but for some reason it didn’t show up, so here it is.

Link to article: http://newblog.sherisranch.com/virgins/adult-virginity-secret/

“I’m not a certified sex therapist and I don’t have an advanced degree in psychology or medicine,” she says. “All I know is that when a man leaves my bungalow after losing his virginity, he leaves with a smile from ear to ear.”

Well, unfortunately for me, I left the courtesan’s bungalow with a big frown. This happened at Chicken Ranch three weeks ago. The reason? I failed the courtesan’s dick check because she mistook the bumps for STD. The bumps in question is called Fordyce granules, a very common benign skin disorder. I tried to explain to her that it’s not STD, but she didn’t believe me. I was humiliated and to add insult to injury, she wanted to console me by offering me a lousy handjob. Of course, we all know that a handjob doesn’t count as losing your virginity so instead of accepting her offer, I told her to take her shitty offer and shove it up her ass. I have wasted almost thousands of dollars to travel thousands of miles just to lose my virginity and for what? To get rejected because of my silly, harmless condition? That’s bullshit! Although I have never been to Sheri’s Ranch before, I’m sure I will get the same experience there. That’s why I vowed never to visit the legal brothels again.

From now on, I’m using sex dolls from Dolloza as permanent substitutes for real women. Even though I can’t lose virginity with these dolls, at least I don’t have to worry about being rejected by them. They’re always available whenever I need them to relieve my sexual frustration. If that means I have to grow old and die as a virgin, then so be it!

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