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    I am thinking about making a trip out to Las Vegas, and then hitting Sheri’s Ranch sometime next year. I have never visited a brothel, nor have I ever been in a provider/ client type situation. I have read the first-timer’s threads on this forum, and found them to be extremely helpful. I want to experience the full gamut of what Sheri’s has to offer, but I am first looking for some honest feedback in regards to a potential issue before I waste my money or anyone’s time. It is rather embarrassing to say, but I suffer from a medical condition referred to as “Fordyce Spots”, which are areas of tiny bumps on my penis. They are NOT STDS, and are not harmful or contagious is any way. My concern is that they may be mistaken for an STD during a prior examination or “dick check”, and I will subsequently be asked to leave. Any feedback would be great….Thanks!



    Without being facious, bring a doctor’s note? firefighter probably would have the best advice short of any of the ladies.


    There is another thread entitled “DC OR Dick check” http://newblog.sherisranch.com/forums/topic/dc-or-dick-check/#post-11521 where a man stated he’s afflicted with “Pearly penile papules” http://www.soc.ucsb.edu/sexinfo/article/pearly-penile-papules, and he failed a DC because the condition resembled genital warts.

    All I can say is that Courtesans are trained to distinguish STD visual signs during the DC, and they don’t categorically classify any abnormality as an STD. It might be beneficial to carry a physician’s diagnosis and a legitimate article including photos in an attempt to provide insight into Fordyce Spots or pearly penile papules. However, a Courtesan would still have to proceed with caution, and fail a client on their DC if she has any doubt they have a STD. A Courtesan can’t take any chances concerning a suspected or probable STD.


    We err on the side of caution and ANY bump or spot that looks odd will probably be rejected, doctor’s note or not. Sorry!


    I think a person can have a massage session if he fails the DC check.right?


    Tatyana wrote, “We err on the side of caution and ANY bump or spot that looks odd will probably be rejected, doctor’s note or not. Sorry!”

    I agree wholeheartedly with Tatyana that Courtesans can’t take chances; if there’s any doubt in a Courtesan’s mind concerning an STI or STD she must fail that client on the DC because she owes a duty to herself and clients not to be put at risk over a possible STD. Also, she would have to be certain to the best of her knowledge that a client doesn’t have a STD to pass them on the DC to comply with Nevada law.

    You’re correct that a client may have a non-sex party or massage at a Courtesan’s discretion even if they fail a DC. In another thread two Sheri’s Courtesans, Angel Parr and Red Diamonds, stated that 75% of their parties don’t include sex or oral sex. http://newblog.sherisranch.com/forums/topic/party-without-sex/


    Yep sounds good!


    travelinman33 is not only one with this condition. I tried to post my comment in the article titled “The Oft-Unmentioned Cure for Adult Virginity”, but for some reason it didn’t show up, so here it is.

    Link to article: http://newblog.sherisranch.com/virgins/adult-virginity-secret/

    “I’m not a certified sex therapist and I don’t have an advanced degree in psychology or medicine,” she says. “All I know is that when a man leaves my bungalow after losing his virginity, he leaves with a smile from ear to ear.”

    Well, unfortunately for me, I left the courtesan’s bungalow with a big frown. This happened at Chicken Ranch three weeks ago. The reason? I failed the courtesan’s dick check because she mistook the bumps for STD. The bumps in question is called Fordyce granules, a very common benign skin disorder. I tried to explain to her that it’s not STD, but she didn’t believe me. I was humiliated and to add insult to injury, she wanted to console me by offering me a lousy handjob. Of course, we all know that a handjob doesn’t count as losing your virginity so instead of accepting her offer, I told her to take her shitty offer and shove it up her ass. I have wasted almost thousands of dollars to travel thousands of miles just to lose my virginity and for what? To get rejected because of my silly, harmless condition? That’s bullshit! Although I have never been to Sheri’s Ranch before, I’m sure I will get the same experience there. That’s why I vowed never to visit the legal brothels again.

    From now on, I’m using sex dolls from Dolloza as permanent substitutes for real women. Even though I can’t lose virginity with these dolls, at least I don’t have to worry about being rejected by them. They’re always available whenever I need them to relieve my sexual frustration. If that means I have to grow old and die as a virgin, then so be it!


    Well, CynicalVirgin, I can’t imagine having all the frets of worrying about one’s first time having sex, and at the same time, having to worry about a penis that looks somehow ‘off’. It must be very scary and frustrating.
    Learning how to be with a woman is difficult. Simply ‘punching your V Ticket’ helps, I guess, but doesn’t satisfy the need to be a social human being. Telling your lady “to shove her offer up her ass” probably wasn’t good practice learning to be with a woman. 🙂
    These women are smart. They read the literature, they’ll know that there is this condition, and they will probably increasingly know what it might look like. They talk to medical professionals all the time.
    You can maybe discuss some of this beforehand with some of the ladies via email. It doesn’t seem like a young man needs to commit his whole life to silicon dolls.


    Unfortunately I would have to agree with Tatyana

    Angel Parr

    Don’t be embarrassed sweetie, it’s very, very common, in fact I would 60% of the clients I’ve seen have had the same condition. No doctor note required, we know how to tell the difference between them and stds, and if your lady is unsure of what it is she will call in a more experienced lady for a second opinion. Some ladies are more cautious than others, simply because they don’t have the education about stds that others do, but if your lady/ladies fail your DC then simply tell the hostess what your condition is and she will be willing to find you another lady who understands your specific condition.
    So don’t be put off if the first few don’t approve you as long as it’s not a std or sti our hostess will find someone who understands the difference!
    Come on out and have a good time!

    I added photos of both papuals and herpes for those who don’t know the difference, so that it can be seen how vastly different they look during a dc.

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    Angel Parr

    Sweetie, you can’t judge every one because of one bad experience. I hope that one day you will allow us a second chance as I know of many courtesans who would be willing to party with you. I can’t blame a girl for failing your check if she’s unsure, but there are many of us whom are very familiar with this condition!


    I have been thinking of flying to Nevada to visit Sheri’s in the next few weeks, but I also have papules. I completely understand the need for caution, but you can imagine how awful it would be to go all that way and be turned down. So, my question is, would it be helpful to email the woman I’m wanting to party with to see if they are aware of the condition?


    That never hurts as you would still need to establish some rapport with ladies you might want to party with.

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