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I think there can be a generational component. If more of Sheri’s clientele are in the 45-55 age category, as today’s posting of the VICE Channel video suggests, that’s probably not a demographic where tattoos are prevalent or generally accepted. However, when you look at men and women under 35, the percentage with tattoos is significant across all demographics, with almost half of women with tattoos and about a quarter of the men.

I appreciate meaningful, artistic tattoos and they can be turn ons, but bad tattoos can also be turn offs turn offs, especially those that border on bumper sticker quality quotes.

I’ve had two parties at Sheri’s, both with women with tattoos. One I knew about and was one of the reasons I wanted to party with her. The other, I didn’t know about it but it was a non-factor either way.

Getting them or liking them is a matter of personal taste, but now doubt it can impact whether a party is negotiated or not. I do notice in the Sheri marketing materials that the tattoos of some of the women have been photoshopped out, so I assume it happens for a reason.

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