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Courtesans appreciate a well dressed client. Slacks, sports shirt and leather shoes are appropriate for a man, but it’s not necessary to wear a three piece suit. Furthermore, most men wouldn’t pick up their date for the first time wearing a tank top, shorts and flip flops, because a good initial impression is important. They don’t want their Lady to think they’re a slob the first time on a date.

In addition, I always shave my face, manscape my groin area, trim my nose hairs, brush my teeth, use mouthwash and shower before partying. Also, I make certain I have a recent manicure and pedicure too. It’s beneficial to stay at Sheri’s Ranch Hotel since a client can be ready for their date at a specific time. If a man is traveling from Las Vegas and showers before leaving, he’ll need to shower again upon arrival because after an hour a man will require another shower before partying. Courtesans appreciate not having to perform a blowjob on a sweaty and smelly penis. Most Courtesans ask their clients to shower in the party room just prior to sex, and additional time is allotted.

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