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Angel Parr

1- I always promote the “Speed date” in the bar to anyone of sound mind that speaks English. This way you can get an idea of who your lady is and you won’t be immediately pressured into picking a girl. If at any point during your Speed date you want a line up then its still an option, so you can always have that as your back up if you get too nervous to talk with us, but you will still have gotten the full treatment!

2- We cant discuss prices over the internet, however, our office is offering sex vacation packages and they give a great idea of what kind of money would be spent here typically for a special party, so here’s a link to that page.


You can pretty well assume that it will double in price or cut down in time from one girl to two, but it is well worth it and an experience like that, is priceless! Of course every girl is different so please don’t think I’m just handing you a price sheet, some will require much more, some will settle for less, but its a good reference point for our newbies.

3- This is another field in which we are all different some ladies sell time, some activity, some the room your in, some all of the above, to get an answer to that, you must ask the lady that you want to party with, there is absolutely no normal there.

4- That is a perfect time for us ladies. At that time most all of us should be in the bar for you!

5- Manscaping is a wonderful thing and is highly promoted, but how much is a personal thing, for me I don’t mind hair as long as I don’t feel like I need a weed whacker to find your goodies lol! Trim it down a bit, its never sexy having to stop your BJ because I have to find a stray pube in my mouth….just not cute at all

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