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Lewd Ferrigno

You want to be intimate with someone that you love and loves you? Is a teenage male who has heaps of meaningless sex(including losing his virginity) pathetic? Some guys are socially awkward or have no game or consider dating too much work. I know some fellas who ideally lost it to their girlfriend, but most lost it to the town slut or a slumpbuster–options not as pleasant as losing it to a stunning professional. Good to just get it over with. The important thing is to have sex with reasonable frequency with gals you find attractive by any means necessary . There’s this female slob currently getting lots of dick at work we’ve dubbed ” Jabba The Slut ” and the guys servicing her are pathetic . Hot/fun sex at Sheri’s is a wonderful thing . I fell for this troll thread; can’t wait for others to chime in

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