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This is inappropriate. Dave Chappelle is funny, but this isn’t one of his better jokes and I object to your putting it here. I may be the only one who thinks your post is more offensive than funny, but I think you should be ashamed.

First, there is the derogatory use of a word that is generally a pejorative towards women and especially sex workers. Putting this joke here is fairly insulting. Your seeming to think it appropriate here because this forum is about courtesans actually makes it less appropriate.

Second, the whole “uniform” premise suggests (1) women deserve to be treated as objects based on how they dress, (2) certain types of women’s clothing mean a woman is a “certain way” and must accept how she is treated, and (3) that sex workers or “women who look like a sex worker” are free game for sexual harassment and even assault.

I understand I am getting my bollocks in a twist over a joke, but a joke doesn’t absolve you from responsibility for what you say or give unwelcome attitudes a free pass. That the joke comes from a professional comedian doesn’t make it “okay” or necessarily funny. I’m sure you meant no insult or harm, but your post is insulting and implies harmful things.

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