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[quote quote=18653]Thanks for videos, Allissa! I’m sure it satisfies many people’s curiosities, if not whets their appetites to see the rooms in person.

Your post raises a question that I’ve always wondered about. Roughly what percentage of parties are in the rooms vs. the bungalows? I’ve never actually had a party in a room before, only in bungalows, even though I often find the rooms to be better decorated and cozier. I’ve actually asked for a room party before at a bungalow price, but I’m always told it’s better to be in the bungalow because there’s more to do there. I kind of figured that since your room is also your personal space while at the Sheri’s, it’s better to have parties in the bungalows so you can keep your space your own and not mess it up. Thoughts?

I think it is up to the ladies preference and what you have planned for the party. I think for the first few visits it’s nicer to be in the bungalow so you can play in the tub, sit by the fire, eat your meal at a table, and scream as loud as we want! If you have a longer time together it is nicer to have these different opportunities available. PlayLand is even better with the role playing rooms. Then after a few visits together I would want to switch it up and try my bedroom. If a client asked to stay in my room I wouldn’t mind. We also have the specialty rooms to add to the experience as long as you are comfortable walking down the hallway in a robe 🙂

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