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My unsatisfactory situations so far have been a too smoky bar, a man who’s response to everything was “Not a problem”, lack of wifi, and running out of good books (can you recommend one?).

I suspect you’ll continue to find the data to be all over the map…just as you find elsewhere in the entrepreneurial world, every lady has her own business with different expectations and assets, is in a different stage of building her business, & meets with her own unique degree of success…still, I wish you the best of luck in your noble endeavor & think you’ll find that Sheri’s is a model that can–and, I think, will–be replicated due to the high standards it upholds.

A minimum wage no one–certainly not a mother with children to care for–can thrive on is legal, but consensual sexual commerce between adults is a crime…I’ll never figure that one out!

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