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    Hello there!

    I am currently in the process of writing a paper on why the sex industry should be legal and regulated nationwide. As such, I would like to get some first-hand data from you if you are willing and able. I have researched for this information and so far I’ve gotten figures that are all over the map; and some of the people that revealed this insight did not declare other crucial information, therefore it is hard to use this information and claim it as accurate.

    The reason I am asking you to supply me with this information is because you work at a legal brothel in Nevada, and I wish to use this information as a reference point to calculate accurate figures such as income on a nationwide level. Further, I will use this information to create a hypothetical on how a sex worker’s environment and lifestyle would change if each sex worker in the U.S. was able to work under the same conditions as you.

    I imagine that requesting this information is uncommon and perhaps even unconventional. I do not need precise figures, as guesstimations will be suffice. My questions are:

    1. How many hours is your shift?
    2. How many days do you work per week on average? If you could, would you work more/overtime?
    3. How much money do make a day, on average? A week/month?
    4. On a monthly basis, how often do unsatisfactory situations take place at work? Would you mind giving examples of what the kind of unsatisfactory situations these are?

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind Regards,



    You have good intentions, but I’m pretty sure they will get in trouble for stating all that information publicly on an internet forum. I think your best bet is to do a one on one interview.


    This needs to be done offline and certainly not on a public forum. Could you take a several days trip to the Ranch and interview the ladies there, who are willing to answer your questions?


    Yes Diesel and Flint, you are correct…you won’t find the girls willing to offer answers in this forum. Maybe try posing these questions privately? However, everything is so different from girl to girl that I don’t think even then you will find consistencies that you can use in all likelihood.

    Good luck in your endeavors!


    Hi CuriousPerson,

    For privacy reasons, please email each of the ladies individually. If they are willing to speak with you in regards to this topic, they will email you back.

    Click the link below to see who’s available in this week’s line-up:

    Thank you,
    Client Relations


    My unsatisfactory situations so far have been a too smoky bar, a man who’s response to everything was “Not a problem”, lack of wifi, and running out of good books (can you recommend one?).

    I suspect you’ll continue to find the data to be all over the map…just as you find elsewhere in the entrepreneurial world, every lady has her own business with different expectations and assets, is in a different stage of building her business, & meets with her own unique degree of success…still, I wish you the best of luck in your noble endeavor & think you’ll find that Sheri’s is a model that can–and, I think, will–be replicated due to the high standards it upholds.

    A minimum wage no one–certainly not a mother with children to care for–can thrive on is legal, but consensual sexual commerce between adults is a crime…I’ll never figure that one out!

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