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It may be helpful for you and your friend to peruse the Courtesans’ profiles together and select a few prospects. Then you may send messages to those Courtesans, time permitting, and even inquire about their age brackets. I’ve found that meeting the Courtesans in the Sports Bar and Restaurant, engaging in respectful flirtatious conversation, and hopefully making a connection works best for me. You may inform the hostess that you’d like to meet the available Courtesans at five minute intervals at your table for a final decision, since many couples choose this method.

If a client desires to indulge in fruitful conversation with a Courtesan it may be advantageous to select a Lady close to their age. Two people of the same age group may find it easier to relate, make a connection or instill romantic chemistry. If a client is interested in sex only, and they are comfortable in the brothel setting, the Courtesan’s age really doesn’t matter.

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