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On my first ever visit to the Ranch I was extremely nervous. I emailed a party with a girl who no longer works there but she wasn’t there:( so Once I entered the bar Dena greeted me and I sat down ready to meet a complete Stanger and as I met this blue eyed blond GODDESS:) I felt all the nervousness slowly drain out into a nice conversation and as we got better acquainted she made it feel like we were old friends catching up. Once we were in the negotiation part being it was my first visit I was like a deer looking into headlights but she made that part as easy as possible and she didn’t need to. I felt like a king the whole time I was with her. Even after the party she stayed with me and we got to know each other even more and then I had to catch my plane so I hugged her auf wiedersehen 🙂 ill be forever infatuated with you Angel So I guess everyone’s first visit will be nerve wracking but take it from me these girls will melt all unpleasantness of a road trip away in nanoseconds:)

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