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If it’s by Warren Ellis, then I probably love it. I’m equal opportunity DC/Marvel, and he’s worked on both. He has a couple of stand alone series that I have loved, particularly Freak Angels and Transmetropolitan. But the latter has a lot to do with my interest in the concept of Transhumanism more than my love of Sci/fi.

I am not a huge Batman fan but I’m absolutely crushed that The Killing Joke is getting such a limited release. Phenomenal story.

I must confess to being more of a Sci/fi fan than comics in particular. Star Wars is <3, especially anything in the expanded universe that takes place during the Old Republic era. Before Episode 7 came out I couldn’t have told you what happened after Episode 6, but if you want to talk about Revan and Malak or Darth Bane, then I’m your girl.

I’m (obviously) very into Doctor Who. Also Firefly, RIP. I’m currently devouring Battlestar Galactica for the first time, so no spoilers please. And Star Trek is next.

Of course Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, Phillip K. Dick, Orson Scott Card. I still haven’t read Dune though 🙁

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