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Thanks for the warm welcome. its always great to drop by “home” every once and a while in between the typical rigours of life. I am not as lucubrate as I once was for a myriad of reasons yet its always good to drop by now and then.

As far as outdates go ( and I don’t know who’s listening in here) if change is truly desired by a serious percentage of the effected players now maybe the time to act. In recent years with the industry undergoing such a metamorphosis, as many others have, and with some of the major players no longer in the game, perhaps it may be given deeper consideration.

All change is difficult and political change is about as difficult as it gets but you never know until you try. Its a Nye county issue so its up to them. Aside from certain brothel owners defending their fiefedoms I don’t understand why Nye would want to discount this option as Lyon County has been doing it for years with presumably great success. Sometimes just bucking tradition can scuttle a good idea.

My Best,


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