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Muffled sounds escape from William is eyes open wide..Not in terror but in anger, He who has Never let go of Control is livid. He is also confused on how He could have been so taken by surprise. Aurora looks over at Him shakes her head and decidedly saunters to His form. Checking Her handy work of His restraints for tightness, it wouldn’t due at this moment for Him to be free. reaching for the item on the small table next to Her, grinning a bit wickedly..She powers up the item ,it looks so harmless compared to other items in the room. Reaching forward she lick with Her moist, pink tongue a small spot on Williams right nipple, then teases it taunt with her lips nipping at it gently, rolling it between Her teeth. The pleasure of this action is not lost on William. When the small bud it hard a a pebble Aurora turns the item to medium and touches the bud. Immediately Williams body jumps in reaction, electricity coursing through Him, he groans loudly… Arrrr. Evangeline hears the sound and looks over.. Even though in a unfamiliar situation the joyous sounds of distress cause Her such pleasure. She longs to hear more.

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