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    Muffled sounds escape from William is eyes open wide..Not in terror but in anger, He who has Never let go of Control is livid. He is also confused on how He could have been so taken by surprise. Aurora looks over at Him shakes her head and decidedly saunters to His form. Checking Her handy work of His restraints for tightness, it wouldn’t due at this moment for Him to be free. reaching for the item on the small table next to Her, grinning a bit wickedly..She powers up the item ,it looks so harmless compared to other items in the room. Reaching forward she lick with Her moist, pink tongue a small spot on Williams right nipple, then teases it taunt with her lips nipping at it gently, rolling it between Her teeth. The pleasure of this action is not lost on William. When the small bud it hard a a pebble Aurora turns the item to medium and touches the bud. Immediately Williams body jumps in reaction, electricity coursing through Him, he groans loudly… Arrrr. Evangeline hears the sound and looks over.. Even though in a unfamiliar situation the joyous sounds of distress cause Her such pleasure. She longs to hear more.


    “body like an anaconda” Body like and anaconda therefore she had a way with Snakes what a Snake charmer she was traveling the world and putting on shows, and then she met this Blue Eyed Women that made her breast bounce with Happiness….

    The body of a beautiful woman is not made for love; it is too exquisite. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec


    Aurora allows the electricity to course through William’s body for a few more moments, watching his breathing start to quicken and his muscles begin to clench. All the while she maintains eye contact with Evangeline, watching her eyes begin to register her own pleasure from the sights.

    Aurora places her heeled boot upon Evangeline’s taut stomach, forcing Evangeline to give her her attention. She questioningly raises an eyebrow at her while reaching for the device’s control switch. Which way should she move the dial? Almost imperceptibly Evangeline nods her head, yes, she wants him to experience More…

    Aurora turns back to the man and then slowly draws the wand down William’s body, enjoying the sounds he is unconsciously making. When the wand finally meets his more private areas, she slowly drags the wand around his most delicate tissue; choosing instead to bring the wand to his tender, soft inner thigh. And then, the wand is removed from his body completely. She turns off the power and sets the wand down on the table. His body goes limp and Evangeline is now the one with questioning eyes. She thought things were going to start getting interesting and now everything has stopped. She thinks, “What is this woman doing?”.

    Aurora reaches up and takes the blindfold from William’s eyes, allowing him to see exactly who is in charge of the situation. He looks at Aurora with a combination of anger and lust in his eyes. He then looks around the room and his eyes register surprise when he sees Evangeline, naked and restrained on the floor at his feet. Aurora smiles a wicked smile at them both, walks over to the room’s small side bar and grabs a bottle of tequila. She steps back to William, unbuckles the gag to free his mouth, and offers the bottle to his beautiful lips. He takes a large swallow from the bottle, raising his head to signal that he has had enough. Aurora continues to pour the tequila and it spills down his chin onto his chest and continues to run down his body – creating a glistening track of intoxication along his sculpted abdomen. She bends down to Evangeline and removes the restraints from her legs. She then grabs the woman’s arm, forcing her to her knees in front of William. She tells her to get her drink and seductively licks her finger while pointing at the liquid trail coursing down William’s body. She watches as Evangeline bends towards the man and slides her tongue along the ridges and contours of his muscular frame, removing the liquor from his body. She puts the bottle to her own lips, takes a drink, and holds the golden fluid in her mouth – enjoying the burn. She leans over to Evangeline, grabs her chin and pulls her mouth to her own, opening her lips when their mouths meet, and allows the tequila to flow into Evangeline’s; sharing the heat and closeness.

    Aurora pulls away when Evangeline tries to finish the sharing moment with a kiss but not after painfully biting the tongue that Evangeline had snaked into her mouth. “Not yet, young lady, not yet”, she says.

    Aurora reaches down to grab two of the strips of William’s jeans that are still hanging free. She ties them around Evangeline’s ankles, restraining them both to each other and the large cross. She then walks across the room to gaze at the other toys available for their evening’s adventures. The first thing she grabs are some arm restraints for Evangeline that will allow a wider range of motion. She walks back, adding the restraints to those the woman is already wearing and then removes the handcuffs. Evangeline rubs her wrists and mumbles a quiet “thank you…”

    Back at the cabinet, Aurora thoughtfully decides upon a few items, removing them from the cabinet and making several trips over to the table where the wand is already waiting. She slowly arranges her chosen implements of pleasure and then returns to the small bar. She looks at Evangeline as she pours herself a glass of Merlot and says, “I really just came in to relax and enjoy a glass of wine this evening. Now see what you have done? Well, I am going back to my original plans, only now I have some entertainment to enjoy. You, Miss Evangeline, are going to be the entertainer. You, Mr. William, are going to be her stage. Evangeline, you are going to use the toys I have so carefully chosen to pleasure Our William this evening. You will push him to his limits and slightly beyond or you will be punished for displeasing me. Do you understand?” Evangeline nods her head but her eyes are slightly squinted in anger, making Aurora laugh. “Oh Silly Woman, please don’t test me…” Aurora’s hand lashes out, lightening quick, to slap Evangeline’s ass; causing Evangeline to squeal.

    Aurora turns and walks to the table, picks up the wand again and hands it to Evangeline, saunters over to one of the leather chairs and turns it towards the cross, she seductively removes her own clothing, sits down and says…”Let the real adventures begin!!”

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