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You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is. The very first lady you meet in the bar is the hardest. This not because of her, but because of your nerves. If you haven’t decided on a lady or two beforehand ask the hostess if you could meet some of the ladies. She will make sure you get to spend about 10 minutes with whoever is available at the time.

Once you have met the one ask for a tour or if you can retire to her room to negotiate. Negotiations are pretry straight forward. Tell her what you are looking for and be specific because that is what you will get during the party. Tell her how long you were thinking of and she will let you know what she would charge. If it is beyond your budget then let her know what you are comfortable spending. All the ladies will try to come up with a goodifferent alternative for your budget. Keep in mind that you can always ask to return to the bar to meet another lady if it doesn’t look like things will work out. Now for the most important part, always be respectful and courteous. Be clean, neatly dressed and we’ll groomed. Word gets around real fast if you are not. Lastly, your there to have fun. Plans are just plans and don’t always work out. Make it the time of your life.

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