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Hey Flint,

You’ve been around awhile you probably remember the somewhat sudden yet prolonged decline.

It began with the beginning of this particular incarnation of the forum. The prior board ( Version 3.0?) was probably the most active board of all the house LPIN boards and certainly in the top 5 of all the boards combined ( house and emancipated included.) at the time. When TPTB decided to change over (Upgrade…??) well let’s just say they didn’t have a comprehensive understanding of the undertaking. As a result they lost a significant number of players due to compatibility issues and the inability to migrate users.

I don’t remember the precise timing but it has been quite a long time.

As I look at the current boards I look with my mouth agape recalling the golden years of LPIN. When I look at the board and see the thread freshness ratings measured in days and weeks I am gobsmacked, I can remember them being measured in minutes and hours. The ladies were quite active with many of the ladies being very active and some making a very good living with their participation and well placed CSM efforts. I have had the pleasure of knowing a few of them beyond the walls of the house(s). I had been told repeatedly, during my longstanding and in the eyes of some distinguished presence and tenure on the boards and in the hobby, having developed a level of trust and body of experience combined with honest, forthright yet respectful reviews had in particular provided abundantly. One of them I’ll call “L” told me her first three bungalows were due to my referral or review and one of those callers became a long term client….in player parlance…. a whale. She kept him so happy for so long Jonah would have been proud.

The economy went south circa 2007 (some contend it was felt as early as 2005) this also took a toll on the industry statewide. After this particular point in time the ranch was actually put up for sale but I believe that concluded without a transaction. I am certain this had an impact on the site as well.

There were other issues of concern that made an impact in which I could wax philosophic but I’ll spare ya’ll the prosaic banter.

My Best To All,

Bret Maverick

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