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Who knows? And your question presumes that it does re-open this year. I would have thought the worst would have been over by now, and most businesses, including Sheri’s, would be open again by now. But looks like it it going to be a while still. And whenever Sheri’s is able to re-open, I think it will take a while to build back up to normal. Their “scheduled ladies” list is shrinking, understandably, as those women have to find some other way to make a living. Some will return, others will not.
Btw, I have recently read two stories that say the main reason for the recent increase in COVID cases in the southwest is infected persons coming across the border from Mexico. The majority of them are crossing legally, but the hospitals in Mexico are inadequate to the task of COVID, so many Mexicans are seeking medical treatment in the US. So that drives up the “positive count” reports in the border states, but many of them are not citizens of those states.
Anyway, while Nevada is not a border state, it is close, with a large Hispanic population, so all that does not promise for an early re-opening of Sheri’s, I’m afraid.

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