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Hi, Amber…

Oh, my goodness… I see you posted this back from December 2nd. Sorry it took so long for me to respond…

I’ve been going NUTS trying to get my book out on Kindle (it’s now published on Amazon Kindle :-)) and I’m also starting to write my next screenplay.

Actually, I was there back in November for my birthday (I just turned 40… hmmm… that reminds me… one of these days, I gotta rent the movie “40 Year Old Virgin”). I really wish I could have met you.

I do plan on coming back to Sheri’s when I start getting some reviews and making some sales from my Amazon Kindle e-book (still waiting on my first review/sale), which right now can be downloaded free (Hey… wait a minute… how can I make enough money to fly back to Sheri’s Ranch if I’m selling my e-book for ZERO :-o??? I really gotta look back at the math).

Anyway, I’d definitely love to meet you. Maybe I can come on a Thursday and we can watch WWE Smackdown or something. I can’t imagine you as a wallflower, as you sound like a really fun and friendly person.

Again, sorry for taking so long to reply, Amber.

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