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    I plan to arrive at the ranch/resort this coming Monday and – since it’s my very first time – I was wondering if it’s possible to have dinner/conversation with one of the girls at the restaurant/bar on location, preferably, with someone who not only is warm and friendly, but someone who shares my interest and whom I have some common ground with.

    This is why, a while back, I used to join up with dating services and a “singles dinner” group. While most of the women I went out with were friendly (one woman I remember was quite shy, which normally isn’t a problem… except I’m pretty shy and reserved myself, and when you have two shy and quiet people sitting at a table together… well… you get the picture), nearly all of them didn’t have anything in common with me in terms of interests.

    Most women whom I went out with talk about either politics or the economy or travelling to “exotic places” which I found out is a HUGE discussion topic (even though I’m coming to Nevada, I hardly travel, nor is it really my passion).

    One woman, whom I actually went out with twice, kept talking about her family and relatives the ENTIRE time we were eating!

    Then, there was this time I signed up for this “singles dinner group”… So, I told the coordinator what my interests and hobbies are (I listed them in the bottom). She told me she had the PERFECT group who matched my interest. AWESOME :-)! I signed up with two different groups. The first group I went out with all talked about… you guessed it… TRAVEL to exotic places I had no idea of. Then their topic changed to “condo laws” (or something about condos… either way, I don’t live in a condo). The second group (there were about seven of us) talked about – I kid you not…

    “C+ PROGRAMMING” :-0!

    If anybody in this forum knows what C+ programming is, then you’re much better than I was back then (since then, I took a few classes in HTML, CSS and Javascript… yeah, I know… very interesting dinner topics ;-)). One member of this “singles dinner group” asked what I like to do. “I’m taking acting/theatre classes.” I said. “Oh.” She replied and went back to her C+/travelling/politics buddies.

    Not hard to see why I’m single, huh ;-)?

    Perhaps it’s me (and something I need to work on), but being the shy person I am, I’m not the greatest when it comes to talking about things I’m not too familiar with (C+ Programming, travelling to exotic places, international politics).

    Sorry for this crazy long post, but basically, I was wondering – since I’m staying for about 1 and 1/2 days – to have dinner with one of the beautiful ladies who share in my interests and hobbies.

    That being said, what are they? Glad you asked ;-)!

    I’m currently taking screenwriting classes (one of my scripts actually advanced to the second round of a prestigious competition despite the fact my story had nothing to do with vampires, boy wizards, superheroes or lovers aboard a doomed ocean liner… oh… there’s no sex in my script either. What??? No sex??? How the heck did it advance ;-)), so I love writing scripts and analyzing movies, whenever I get the chance to see them (I just saw Thor: Dark World today. Would love to watch Enders Game). I’m trying to break into Horror writing.

    I used to read alot of classics (Phantom of the Opera, Scarlett Pimpernel and I have Bram Stoker’s Dracula on order) and self-help books (used to read up to 3 self-help books a month), but now I haven’t kept up with the self-help industry as much.

    I also love theatre (since I was in acting school and used to do theatre and showcases), particularly musical theatre (LOVE musical theatre :-)) and improv comedy… when it’s done right (I’ve seen it when it’s not done right… it’s pretty awful). That being said, I LOVE “Who’s Line Is It Anyway” (too bad that show got cut off).

    Of course, I love watching movies when I have time. One of my favorite movies of all-time: “MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA”. Very well performed and I love the script. I love movie-musicals (can’t wait for “Wicked” the movie-musical to come out).

    I also like learning about filmmaking (since I’m a screenwriting student)… particularly indie filmmaking and low-budget filmmaking.

    So, yeah… those are some of my interests. Again, I’d love to have dinner with someone who shares my passions and interests. I am a pretty shy guy, though. I’ll be there this Monday sometime in the afternoon/evening.

    P.S.: Bonus if you hate talking about C+ Programming ;-)!


    Oh… might as well add Kindle publishing (plan to publish some fiction on kindle) and internet marketing to my list of interests also :-).

    Charina Lee

    Well, we’re looking forward to having you at the ranch. Wow, lets talk about condo laws!!! LOL.
    I think its great you’re shy. Not all women want aggressive, macho, take control people. Having a conversation or just having someone genuinely listen to your ideas is a great thing.

    I’m very interested in musical theatre and I’d love to learn more about the indie film making. It’s quite popular on channels such as hulu and crackle and other places. But I have to admit, I don’t know that much about that. But I’m a fast learner and very interested in what other people like, do, and have passion for.

    Take care,



    Hi, Charina…

    No!!! Not condo laws :-0!!! Heck… even the CONDO LAW-MAKERS hate talking about Condo laws ;-). Would rather talk about “C+ Programming” ;-)… or HTML programming. Yeah, I know… HTML? What’s that? Can’t even spell H T M L ;-).

    Bwahahahahahahaha :-)!

    Actually, I love watching professional wrestling (WWE rules!) and Monday Night Football. Hey… WWE Monday Night Raw is on. Who knows? I don’t know if you or anyone at Sheris likes watching Monday Night Raw, but maybe perhaps after dinner or something, we can watch WWE Raw.

    No? Too boring? Oh, wait… how about I bring one of my screenplays and we can do a “table reading” of it ;-)?

    Regardless… looking forward to the 18th.

    P.S.: You thought I was kidding about the “table reading”, weren’t you ;-)?


    I think you’ll like it there. If you read through this forum and the blogs, I think you’ll agree these charming ladies have a lot of much more interesting things to talk about.


    My advice would be to read up on this forum and the ladies pages. then email them to get an idea what the chemistry between the you of you is.


    Flint’s advice is right on target.
    Peruse the profiles of the “Weekly Lineup” Ladies – http://www.sherisranch.com/lineup.aspx
    “Scheduled Ladies” coming soon – http://www.sherisranch.com/comingsoon.aspx
    and personal message Ladies by clicking on their thumbnail photo and then click the blue “send a private message” bar below their profile and she will reply to your designated email. Sheri’s Ladies can only access their private messages when physically at the brothel so it may take a week or so sometimes.

    Charina Lee

    Those who know me know I have a very wide variety of interests as do many of the ladies here. I’m not the only one, believe me! These ladies are amazing as Fire Fighter has stated. But I don’t mislead either….Sometimes, by having a wide variety of interests, it becomes harder to focus on interests where one can claim true knowledge. I don’t claim expert knowledge on much, but I certainly love to listen, learn, and share ideas.

    I love acting….I know….everyone now wants to know what adult movies I’ve been in! LOL! I was in a movie that won many awards at a film festival in Hollywood in 2007 called Lil Bruno!

    I love Monday Night Football, I’d like to watch wrestling, but I’d also like to challenge those girl wrestlers and show them a small girl can pack a wallop! Plus, some of those lady wrestlers are HOT!!!! he, he, he!

    Anyway, “Lil Bruno” would be considered an Indie movie! Independent, not backed by a big name studio, actors, etc….The directors told me they couldn’t believe how fast I learned and how well I did in the movie….I kind of laughed because I had to play the role of a stripper and dance for the mobsters in the movie, etc…..Well, that really wasn’t a tough role for me! LOL.

    Looking forward to talking to you, watching TV, hanging out, sharing ideas!


    Charina Lee

    Here’s the link to who was in the movie Lil Bruno….You will see my name there…



    1lovekristi, you sound a lot like myself. I’m very shy and struggle because when I’m with a group of people with a different range of interest, I tend to disappear. I do well with people who have a lot in common with me.

    Sometimes I do fine with people who I don’t have in common with me, but there are a lot of times that these people do force me to be invisible 🙁

    Amber Lynn

    @1lovekristi…hopefully I haven’t missed you, and you plan on visiting this evening.

    I too am a bit of a self proclaimed wall flower, and nerd…who ironically loves wwe wrestling…


    Hi, Amber…

    Oh, my goodness… I see you posted this back from December 2nd. Sorry it took so long for me to respond…

    I’ve been going NUTS trying to get my book out on Kindle (it’s now published on Amazon Kindle :-)) and I’m also starting to write my next screenplay.

    Actually, I was there back in November for my birthday (I just turned 40… hmmm… that reminds me… one of these days, I gotta rent the movie “40 Year Old Virgin”). I really wish I could have met you.

    I do plan on coming back to Sheri’s when I start getting some reviews and making some sales from my Amazon Kindle e-book (still waiting on my first review/sale), which right now can be downloaded free (Hey… wait a minute… how can I make enough money to fly back to Sheri’s Ranch if I’m selling my e-book for ZERO :-o??? I really gotta look back at the math).

    Anyway, I’d definitely love to meet you. Maybe I can come on a Thursday and we can watch WWE Smackdown or something. I can’t imagine you as a wallflower, as you sound like a really fun and friendly person.

    Again, sorry for taking so long to reply, Amber.


    @AmberLynn: Do you love TNA wrestling, too?

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