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It seems that periodically an influx of couples frequents Sheri’s Ranch, but couples are actually not a rarity at all. Oftentimes they stay in Sheri’s Hotel to party for several days at a time. It seems couples can arrive in spurts or they may not be seen for a few days or weeks, but they can be a normal occurrence at any time. I believe couples are becoming more relaxed about frequenting brothels; they may desire ménage à trois sex, one member of a couple may want to make love with a Courtesan while the other may only want to be a voyeur, a couple may want a Courtesan to teach them about lovemaking, they may desire only massages, or any number of other scenarios. When a couple arrives they often want to talk to every Courtesan and they are usually allotted ten minutes for each Lady. A single client only has to determine if a Courtesan is right for them, but couples must find a Courtesan with whom they are both attracted. In these cases a Courtesan in the company of a single client may be momentarily separated unless that client has committed or requested a party. If this happens the client temporarily losing the Lady should either inform her right then that they want to negotiate a party or ask her to return after communicating with the couple.

I desire to make a connection or build romantic chemistry with a Courtesan before partying too, since I’m not into spontaneous lustful sex. However, a client won’t really know if there is that special charisma before engaging in polite erotic conversation. There is usually no problem if it’s a slow day since more time will usually be allotted. However, if the brothel and bar are busy there exists a courtesy ten minutes that Courtesans spend with each patron desiring to party so that no clients are neglected. The problem is that sometimes a client doesn’t know within that time frame if they want to party with a specific Lady, and she may be whisked away in the meantime to another table by the hostess. If a client believes there is a strong likelihood they wish to spend intimate time with a Lady after a few minutes, it is best to inform her of that fact and further state you want to discuss a party. If necessary to prevent her from leaving your company and moving to another patron a client should ask a Courtesan if they can continue their conversation in the privacy of her room to negotiate a party and thus retain her presence.

I was playing pool with a Lady and I noticed another client staring at her. I hadn’t told her that I wanted to party, and before I knew what happened the red light came on in the bar and she left for a lineup. The client that had been staring at her asked the hostess for a lineup to pry her away from me; I lost her since I didn’t ask her to stay out of the lineup because I definitely wanted to party with her. On another occasion I was talking to a Lady but hadn’t made a commitment. A client noticed us together so he went to the office and booked a party with her at the beginning of the next hour. Another time I hadn’t made an appointment or emailed my chosen Lady and I found when I arrived that she was booked for the major portion of the day. I usually like to party before 4 PM since my energy and testosterone levels are still high, so that error on my part necessitated waiting until the following day; however, if clients have limited time it’s best to email a Lady to become familiar and make an appointment. I like to stay in Sheri’s Hotel for several days since I desire to flirt face to face rather than by email.

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