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    I was so annoyed by this issue that I actually reactivated my dormant Sheri’s Forum account. I’ve seen a noticeable uptick in the number of “couples” posting to this board, and I’ve seen more couples in person at Sheri’s.
    I put this in the Newbie section because if an experienced brothel-goer like myself is being tripped up by this issue, what will happen to a Newbie guy?
    You hear all the experienced guys saying you should talk to a Lady in the bar and establish a “chemistry”. Well, that’s what I like to do, too.

    Recently I saw a very cute new lady. I asked the hostess to have her come over to my booth–a “request”. She was a very nice girl, and I was thinking of going back for a negotiation in a little bit.
    Well, that never happend. I was barely talking to her five minutes when she was whisked away because a couple had also “requested” her.
    Whatever happened to the old-fashioned courtesy of waiting your turn?
    Well, she’s allowed to talk to this couple for over ten minutes. She ends up leaving them also and then disappears.
    I end up waiting for another of my requests. Fortunately, a couple was not requesting her, and I was able to have a party.

    I have seen this fawning deference to couples previously. It’s like STOP THE TRAIN, a couple is in the bar!
    This issue needs to be addressed. It’s very hard for a Newbie guy to walk into a brothel, period. When they finally relax and start talking to a Lady, then’s she’s whisked away because a couple is in the bar–that’s very disconcerting. Couples should not be allowed to “jump the line”.



    It seems that periodically an influx of couples frequents Sheri’s Ranch, but couples are actually not a rarity at all. Oftentimes they stay in Sheri’s Hotel to party for several days at a time. It seems couples can arrive in spurts or they may not be seen for a few days or weeks, but they can be a normal occurrence at any time. I believe couples are becoming more relaxed about frequenting brothels; they may desire ménage à trois sex, one member of a couple may want to make love with a Courtesan while the other may only want to be a voyeur, a couple may want a Courtesan to teach them about lovemaking, they may desire only massages, or any number of other scenarios. When a couple arrives they often want to talk to every Courtesan and they are usually allotted ten minutes for each Lady. A single client only has to determine if a Courtesan is right for them, but couples must find a Courtesan with whom they are both attracted. In these cases a Courtesan in the company of a single client may be momentarily separated unless that client has committed or requested a party. If this happens the client temporarily losing the Lady should either inform her right then that they want to negotiate a party or ask her to return after communicating with the couple.

    I desire to make a connection or build romantic chemistry with a Courtesan before partying too, since I’m not into spontaneous lustful sex. However, a client won’t really know if there is that special charisma before engaging in polite erotic conversation. There is usually no problem if it’s a slow day since more time will usually be allotted. However, if the brothel and bar are busy there exists a courtesy ten minutes that Courtesans spend with each patron desiring to party so that no clients are neglected. The problem is that sometimes a client doesn’t know within that time frame if they want to party with a specific Lady, and she may be whisked away in the meantime to another table by the hostess. If a client believes there is a strong likelihood they wish to spend intimate time with a Lady after a few minutes, it is best to inform her of that fact and further state you want to discuss a party. If necessary to prevent her from leaving your company and moving to another patron a client should ask a Courtesan if they can continue their conversation in the privacy of her room to negotiate a party and thus retain her presence.

    I was playing pool with a Lady and I noticed another client staring at her. I hadn’t told her that I wanted to party, and before I knew what happened the red light came on in the bar and she left for a lineup. The client that had been staring at her asked the hostess for a lineup to pry her away from me; I lost her since I didn’t ask her to stay out of the lineup because I definitely wanted to party with her. On another occasion I was talking to a Lady but hadn’t made a commitment. A client noticed us together so he went to the office and booked a party with her at the beginning of the next hour. Another time I hadn’t made an appointment or emailed my chosen Lady and I found when I arrived that she was booked for the major portion of the day. I usually like to party before 4 PM since my energy and testosterone levels are still high, so that error on my part necessitated waiting until the following day; however, if clients have limited time it’s best to email a Lady to become familiar and make an appointment. I like to stay in Sheri’s Hotel for several days since I desire to flirt face to face rather than by email.


    Firefighter, I’ve also been tripped up by a line-up call, which is another high-priority item at Sheri’s. I didn’t even have a chance to talk about a party with someone I had REQUESTED and partied with three times previously. I literally had just purchased her drink when she was snatched away, then chosen from a line-up. Of course, having an appt. is the only thing that trumps a line-up call, but that’s not always possible.
    In my opinion, only the ladies NOT OTHERWISE OCCUPIED should have to respond to a line-up call. I had REQUESTED this lady, this wasn’t a ten-minute rule thing where she was making the rounds. Why am I less a customer than some Newbie (most line-up calls are from Newbies) who arrived five minutes later?

    Going back to the couples thing, I had asked the lady to come back later. She simply didn’t, and was hanging out in the bar. And I still contend that couples are a higher priority. I’m sure that there have been times where I was talking to a lady and some other guy may have interested in her.
    But no one has ever been whisked away because of that. I recall that this lady didn’t say “someone else” requested her. She specifically said a “couple” requested her, indicating that carries more weight.

    From the preferential treatment I’ve seen given couples, I’m half-afraid that I’ll be in the middle of a party when a couple wanders in and requests the same lady. I hope they don’t break the door down and throw me off the bed to satisfy the couple’s request.



    Sheri’s is not an automatic lineup brothel like most others, but you’re right newbies seem to regularly request a lineup. I have learned now that if I’m talking to a Courtesan with whom I’m exceptionally attracted and a lineup is called, I’ll ask her to not stand in the lineup since I want to discuss a party and then negotiate; if that situation applies you might inform the hostess of that fact too. If you don’t have an appointment, it may be advantageous to enter the bar and request a lineup immediately; in that way, you would have your selected Courtesan captivated and secure from the next lineup or another patron or couple snatching her away, lol. However, there is usually no substantial problem unless the bar and brothel are relatively busy; my optimum time for making love is normally between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm which are comparatively slower periods of the day.

    The best way to place a hold on a Courtesan temporarily is to make an appointment with a specific Lady by prior phone call or upon entering Sheri’s Ranch notify the hostess you desire an appointment or immediately make that appointment in the office. Keep in mind that an appointment is not a firm commitment to party with a specific Courtesan. However, a client should notify her promptly of their decision to nullify the proposed party. If for some reason you decide a Courtesan is not suited for you, then any other Lady can always be selected. Also, if a client can’t keep an appointment it is necessary to notify the office as soon as possible; otherwise, the Courtesan will be waiting for the client and not booking other parties during that timeframe.

    Furthermore, if you’re having a conversation with a Courtesan with whom you believe you’d like to party, inform her of that fact and ask her to temporarily stay in your company until you agree on the details of a party; it may be worthwhile to notify the hostess too. You cannot negotiate price in the bar though, since it must be done in private.

    I must spend a reasonable amount of time discussing party details before making a commitment too, so I’m fairly certain the correct decision is being made; however, it is of primary importance to notify the Courtesan that you want to party, but it depends on whether a Courtesan appeals to you during your conversation before you make that final selection.

    If you’re ever thrown off the bed in the middle of a party by a demanding couple, hopefully you’ll land in a soft place, lol! It’s true that a couple’s party may be more costly than a single client’s, but both customers are equally important to Sheri’s Ranch.


    Firefighter, you brought up some interesting scenarios about how guys can manipulate either line-ups or appointments to get to a selected lady. Maybe I’ll use them as examples in another post. And I will definitely use them myself in the future.

    I too like to spend as much time in the bar, talking about as much of the party details as allowed. This way I can weed out the “five-minute, one position girls”. I can also tell them that since I do this a lot, my price structure is naturally different from the once-a-lifetime tourists. Which is why it’s disconcerting when a couple can jump the line as I had barely started talking to this lady.

    I have a follow-up question. If the scenario was the same but the roles reversed, what would be the outcome? Say a couple was the first to request a lady and had been barely been talking to her five minutes.
    Then a single male decides he wants to “request” her also. Would the hostess have pulled the courtesan away from the couple the way she was pulled from the single male?


    It is my understanding that neither couples nor single clients have priority over one another and that’s as it should be. All Sheri’s Ranch clients are regarded equally and there is not supposed to be any preferential treatment.

    If a Courtesan had been talking with a single client or couple for five minutes and the hostess requested her presence at another table, it would depend on the circumstances. Did the client impress upon the Courtesan that they are seriously considering a party? Did the Courtesan inform the hostess that she was in the middle of discussing party details? Did the Courtesan state that she was making progress concerning a potential party? Did the hostess ask pertinent questions concerning the Courtesan’s and client’s conversation? Only the Courtesan and Hostess in question would really know the answers with any degree of certainty.

    Clients are supposed to be allotted ten minutes of a Courtesan’s time if the bar and brothel are very busy, but sometimes they lose track of the amount of time actually spent. However, if a client decides to make a commitment and wants to negotiate, then that client has a temporary hold on the Courtesan and they will adjourn to her room to conclude the discussion. All I can relate are the basic policies and how it’s ideally supposed to function. If you are ever confused concerning Sheri’s Ranch’s standard operating procedure or experience any bewildering occurrence it is best to discuss those idiosyncrasies with the Courtesan, Hostess, Dena or Gloria immediately.


    What is the best time to talk to a Courtesan and make a plan with her without interruption from a demanding couple?

    I would be frustrated if I am talking to a Courtesan about what I want for my sexual fantasy and she leaves to talk to other client(s).


    rewith85man, as far as time, the busier it is, the more competition there is in general. Evenings are busier than afternoons, weekends busier than weekdays. Whatever events/conventions are in Las Vegas will also increase business.

    So I don’t think the important thing is so much time, as doing the things that will “out-trump” a couple. If you want to speak to a lady without interruption, you have two options: making an appointment or calling for a line-up, then choosing your desired lady.

    A lot of Newbies misunderstand about appointments. It is not an appointment to have a party. It is simply an appointment to see and talk to someone, no more. A lot of Newbies are given a guilt trip and end up doing a party with someone they find doesn’t interest them after actually meeting.
    And you can make an “instant” appointment. If a lady is out in the bar, she doesn’t have a previous engagement. You can either make an instant appointment by talking to the hostess, or call the office while on your way.

    The other option is the line-up. I used to frown on line-ups (I’ve only done one). But from now on I will use it where needed. If you see a lady in the bar, she is likely on shift and has to respond to a line-up call. In a twist of fate, she’ll have to leave a couple to answer the line-up. Then you choose her.

    Just like in a deck of cards, different cards outrank others, at Sheri’s an appointment or line-up can be used to prevent a couple from usurping your time.

    I was truly miffed when I “requested” someone at the next table, but before I had spoken for more than a few moments, a couple jumped the line with their own request ( they were allowed to talk to her longer, but they didn’t party with her).


    Speaking as part of a (newish) couple who has partied at Sheri’s. There are busy times at the ranch and so we try to communicate when we will be in town and or at Sheri’s through email in advance. We may nt make an appt till that day or day before but at least whom ever we are interested in has an idea when we will be there. I would think that cutting time short for another couple or single person could happen to any of us, if the bar is busy enough. That said I can understand it annoying whom ever it happens to, its an all around shitty situation. I think they try to treat us all equally, with appointments and line ups taking priority. It may have been a little miss communication, maybe giving off the wrong signal or the girls could misinterpret nervousness or anxiousness for disinterest. Maybe the couple had an appt, or the hostess thought she was with u longer. It could have been a number of things. If u are more than slightly interested then go for negotiations, u can talk some more there too. If u liked her and she was in the bar still after and u hadn’t found another lady u connected with, ask to talk with her again. If u remember her drink u cld send her one, this way she has no doubt u are interested. What if she had forgot u asked her to come back, we are all human and forget even things that seem impossible to forget. I have not witnessed or experienced what u have, and I hope that you dont again. I Also understand wanting time to talk and get to know the lady or ladies. We used Sheri’s web site to decide on some ladies we both liked then emailed them, to learn more. Alot of the girls are also on Twitter u can connect a little there. That way if it is busy again when u go at least u may not need as much time at the bar. This strategy worked for us but everyone is different. Hope everyone’s next trip is amazing 🙂


    I think appointments a day or two before your party runs the risk of not being scheduled if the lady or ladies are unusually busy. My goal is a week ahead of time.


    Hi rainman,
    I’m sorry that you had an experience where you felt that couples are more important than single guys, because that should not be the case. As explained by firefighter we are only allowed a certain amount of time to talk to someone, before we have to leave. It’s not to make you feel like you are less important, it’s actually for your benefit. We don’t want you to get stuck talking to a lady for too long that you are not interested in. In the future if you are really interested in a lady you are talking too, you can always ask the hostess to speak to that lady for more time or you can ask the lady to go back to her room. Also, you asked if the situation had been reversed and the lady had been talking to a couple and then a single guy requested her would the same thing have happened? The answer would be yes. If the roles were reversed in this forum I would tell them the exact same thing. If you want more time with a lady, either ask the hostess or take the lady back to her room. I hope this helped you a little bit and I hope that your next experience here is much better. And please don’t believe that you are less important because you are a single guy. Everyone here is treated equally. 🙂


    People keep trying to frame this in the context of the Ten Minute Rule. I stated explicitly and repeatedly in my previous posts that this was a REQUEST. So the Ten Minute Rule doesn’t apply.
    I certainly wasn’t “stuck” with her–I barely had five minutes before she was whisked away because a couple had made also made a request. I WAS interested in her–that’s why I requested her.
    Here I am, a single guy who had made a request. A couple makes a request while I’m talking to that lady. She was rushed away–and the impression that I got from both the hostess and the lady was that the couple’s request was a higher priority item. They even said that the lady had to leave because a couple requested her.
    What impression am I supposed to take from this? If something looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck–well, it probably is a duck.
    It’s easy enough to Talk the Talk about everyone being treated equally. It’s harder to Walk the Walk.

    Violet, I haven’t seen your name before. You’re new at Sheri’s. I most definitely am not. I’ve seen this preferential attitude toward couples even before this incident.


    Well, hopefully your dilemma will stimulate some second thoughts to the practice of Courtesans strictly adhering to the 10 minute rule (even though you only shared her company for 5 minutes). You had requested the Lady first, but a couple wanted to interview her for a party too. However, the Courtesan was already in your company so it’s my feeling that before she allowed the hostess to whisk her away to the couple, she could have asked you if you wanted her to stay to negotiate and potentially party. Although, she may have been hesitant to give you what might be interpreted as an ultimatum and assumed that you would ask her to negotiate if truly interested in her instead of permitting her to leave. In addition, maybe the hostess should have offered you the prerogative of spending more time together or to negotiate because you had requested that Courtesan from her initially. It’s generally true that couples parties are more expensive than singles parties, but it’s Sheri’s Ranch ultimate objective to revere all clients equally. It’s difficult to second guess them because I don’t know what discussion transpired between the hostess and Courtesan. I am truly sorry that you felt slighted though because it’s Sheri’s Ranch goal that every customer be treated with the utmost dignity, compassion and be completely satisfied in their brothel experience.



    Truly this had nothing to do with Sheri’s rules…the 10-minute rule, the line-up rules, the request or appointment rules.

    This was the individual girl that chose to ignore your request to stay with you. If you had requested her presence, she should have told the Hostess that and not gone over to the couple. She was engaged with you. If a lineup had been called, she should not have gotten into it. She was engaged with you. That is the bottom line. We as Independent Contractors make these choices. Don’t blame it upon Sheri’s and don’t try to manipulate appointments and such. It will in the end create more problems because those who know how to treat people well will be hurt by these types of manipulations and you may lose out in the end anyway.


    Montana makes a good point. While we are all required to leave the bar while a line up is on, we do not have to stand in the line up if we have a customer waiting for us in the bar.

    But if the lady is unsure of your intentions to party soon she might not make you a priority or might not know to go back to you after. So it is best to tell the lady you want a party and ask her not to stand in the line up.

    Angel Parr

    Hello Rainman,
    All of our ladies are independent contractors which means that it is your ladies choice as to which client she is willing to speak with. We do our best to keep all of our appointments but from time to time there are some scheduling issues, and we can only do our best to keep everyone happy.
    Your particular issue has nothing to do with any of our house rules, your lady was not at all required to speak with the couple, your issue is with the lady herself. If a lady has a request/appointment that she is talking with she is not required to speak to anyone else or participate in a line up, it’s completely her choice how she services her clients.
    I am very empathetic for your bad experience but please do not think that this is a normal occurrence. Couples do not come above any one else in the bar rather a request, appointment, or just a local. The point of coming to a brothel is that everyone has an equal opportunity to enjoy themselves. If you truly feel dissatisfied with your ladies customer service you can always file a complaint, or send her an email and typically she will try to make it up to you on a future visit!

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