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I have a few thoughts about this:

First off, I feel like the main rule that should apply here is “Don’t be a dick!!”. The idea of swiping a girl from a guy who’s already talking to her through the one of these described technicalities is douche-baggery at it’s finest. We certainly shouldn’t be encouraging more people to manipulate the system in this way…it only adds to the problem.

Rainman is correct that an appointment, or a request at the bar, doesn’t guarantee a negotiation or a party, but the assertion that a lineup trumps an appointment, which trumps the guy in the bar, is not entirely accurate. The general guidelines for each were put in place to accommodate a specific type of customer (i.e. the guy in the bar, the guy who plans ahead, and the last minute guy who wants a lineup). As well-intentioned as the staff is, when the various booking modes coincide, that is where the confusion can creep in. I have seen instances where girls have excused themselves from a conversation to go do a lineup, or chat with another guy/couple…but I have also seen them decline that option and continue hanging out with me.

I have NEVER seen, and can’t even imagine, that a girl would leave a patron who intended to party with them to do a lineup or even talk with a couple. The women are there to make a living, so passing up a slam dunk booking in favor of a lineup or a couple’s “interview” wouldn’t make much sense.

In Rainman’s understandably frustrating cases, I suspect that had he made it clear that he intended to book a party with the ladies in question, they would not have gone in another direction…you know, “A bird in the hand…” and all. If you’ve spent over 10 minutes (the magic number!) chatting up your favorite lady, and she’s still not sure you want to book a party with her, you run the risk of her being whisked away by the dreaded lineup/request.

IMO the safest bet is to work out appointments with the courtesan herself via email, and then also book with the office.

Also, just so you know. The women at Sheri’s have complete control over who they do, and do not, see. So try surprise lineup calls or last-minute appointments all you like, but in the end you can’t steal a woman that doesn’t want to be stolen.

Best of luck everyone!


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