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I went through that same issue with my wife. We didn’t have sex for over a year. I finally decided to go to a brothel because I didn’t want a mistress in my home town, and I found that I really enjoyed it. It was awkward at first because of the new adventure and younger Ladies but that actually turned out to be a big plus. At least a man isn’t seeking a permanent relationship when he visits a brothel so the prospect of him leaving his wife for his Courtesan is negligible. Courtesans aren’t normally interested in marrying their clients.

My wife finally found out after years and she accused me of cheating on her; I retorted that it’s not cheating if we aren’t having sex at all. She basically couldn’t disagree with my logic. Afterward, my wife actually accompanied me to a brothel; although, she wouldn’t participate in sex with the Ladies and I couldn’t either while she was present. Furthermore, we viewed some tasteful adult movies so she could see how different couples made love. Now she provides me fellatio and she found that she loves cunnilingus performed by me. I later discovered that it wasn’t that she was extremely straight-laced, but the premise had been instilled in her mind that extremely pleasurable sex acts even between lifetime partners were sinful because of lustful emotions exhibited. She was essentially sexually inhibited because of indoctrination from people instrumental in forming her values while she was growing up.

A woman must realize that if she doesn’t take care of her man at home, he’s eventually going to seek sexual fulfillment elsewhere. If a man’s testosterone level is normal there’s a natural breeding instinct, and if his desires aren’t fulfilled it can eventually affect his psyche. Steve provided some food for thought, but if your Lady doesn’t change her mind the problem will become worse because a man needs intimate female contact. Pornography and masturbation are not acceptable substitutes for making love to a woman. Flint and Leto gave you some very good advice too. You only go through life once and you may live to regret what you later view as mistakes made when you were younger. Bottom-line, you must make your own decision and live with it. Remember, every decision a person makes in life has its potential consequences no matter what you decide pro or con.

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