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Maybe the right thing to do is to try to exhaust all possibilities of fixing things in my relationship, and then if that’s not possible, move on. In my mind, though, I’m considering the option of going to Sheri’s on the so-called “down low” while I slowly attempt to fix a sexless (but not loveless) relationship. I don’t think an ultimatum would work and most likely it would take a long time to fix what’s wrong, if things can be fixed.

Sheri’s seems like a nearly ideal place to go because the sex is safe and because there’s no chance that anything other than a professional relationship would develop between me and the ladies. My conscience might get to me a little bit but I know that it’s just sex – what would really get me in trouble is if I were in a real relationship on the side with someone with the potential of falling in love. My sense is that the ladies at Sheri’s don’t give a damn about their clients other than making sure that they have a good time and pay them well for their services – and that’s probably the way it should be. Knowing that the ladies at Sheri’s don’t care about you helps prevent against the possibility of becoming emotionally attached to one (or more) of the ladies.

Also, how would my girlfriend find out that I’ve been to Sheri’s anyway? I’m not going to be bringing any Sheri’s t-shirts back home nor will I bring back (thankfully) any diseases either. Of course, it’s true that I have a slightly addictive personality, but I doubt that I would get so uncontrollably horny that I would fornicate myself into the poor house. I figure that I could come once in a while in order to get it out of my system, then go back home.

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