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Mr. Incredible

Well first off, you’re very welcome Emma. I felt that I should share the truth when I know that I am 100% correct at something! That doesn’t happen much, but I am very excited when it does.

Eva M, I agree with you and I personally wear “Boxer Briefs.” I am very comfortable with my body, just like you ladies must be comfortable with your body knowing that you want to look appealing to the guests at Sheri’s. It helps the “mood” of the party knowing that you aren’t leaving everything towards only the woman looking attractive. Trying to look your “best” can’t hurt your “party,” knowing she does that, we’ll say 182.5 days a half year span. Trying more has never really been a bad idea that the woman may notice it/that.

However, I learned that “guest” at Sheri’s aren’t allowed to try to prance in their “boxer briefs,” or “whitey tighties” though. Unlike you beautiful ladies who do in your panties of choice, tempting us guests.

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