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As soon as I hear the word “naked” I immediately think of nude people. Even when naked is used in a figurative context describing one’s emotional being or skeletons in the closet, I would flinch in high school hearing the word. Perhaps that’s not so uncommon, though.

I do remember how much I always enjoy to feel my skin wrapped in fewer garments. Perhaps as young as seven, I would take my PJ’s off underneath my covers. Even earlier, say three or five years old, I was known to stuff toys down my pants! Coming into my preteens, I would, some days, return from school and take my boxers off before putting my jeans back on. Nobody would know, but it gave me a rush and felt better. About when I was 21, I had a couple of friends one night who took their clothes off under some blankets while hanging out in another one’s garage who was not participating. The two encouraged me to take mine off under my blanket and part of me would have been glad to. I didn’t however, maybe because I felt insecure of my sexuality or theirs or maybe because I was afraid they were playing a prank on me. They finally revealed it was no ruse and ran across the garage for something, I forget what, but definitely only in the skins they were born with. There even happened to be a girl with us that night but they weren’t ashamed.

I don’t feel very uncomfortable at all being naked now adays. I’m proud of what I’ve got. It’s me. I’ve taken it off in front of strangers and it’s relieving, especially when others are also naked. I also feel myself being able undress my personality in front of strangers, too, the more I get older. If every one could do such a thing, and if every body could be accepting of all types of naked people, both personally and physically, I think so much angst could be alleviated from this world and harmony would be it’s replacement. Seeing more of each other shouldn’t be something to cringe at.

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