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    Eva M

    When you say or hear the word naked, what comes to mind? Are your thoughts flooded by images of women in their birthday suits? What exactly is being naked? Can confessing something personal make you feel emotionally naked? In my opinion there are levels to being naked and the process is just as important, if not more important than the final result.

    For instance, what is more arousing… A boudoir photo of a woman in a man’s business shirt with a nip slip and bare legs or a woman on her back with nothing on spread eagle? Maybe the easy access to pornography and the overwhelming amount of women baring it all on the internet has desensitized us from the awesomeness that is sensuality, seduction and anticipation of taking it off… The art of getting naked.

    I LOVE getting naked just as much as I love being naked!!! There are so many tantalizing ways of teasing and taking it all off! A friendly game of strip poker anyone 😉 But beyond the greatness that is the physical form, is the possibilities to build connections in our most vulnerable state. The ability to fully enjoy each others warmth and reveal in the intimacy we have created without the sole purpose of “banging it out”. Again I say, the art of getting naked. Stripping for each other is a great way to start a private party. Consider this an invitation to show me your best moves and I’ll show you mine.

    As I begin to take my cloths off, you will be eager to join in the fun and get naked as well. Kissing and touching the places that are barely exposed will motivate you to get undressed and allow me to explore what is yet to be seen. Who can resist unbuckling their belt when there is a sexy lady running her fingers across your waist and her teeth at your zipper?

    Getting naked is not always easy, it can make us feel very uncomfortable, vulnerable, and for some, overcome by the fear of being judged… Being naked. As a courtesan, I focus on creating a safe and sexy environment. A place for just us two in which we can take in the sights and sounds that surround us.

    Book an appointment and I’ll be waiting…


    I’ve for a long time thought that it was more appropriately defined as being vulnerable… When everything is stripped away for others to see, whether its clothing or our emotional defense mechanisms. The ladies who take the time to make the guy feel comfortable and at ease are preforming an act, at least for me, that is SO very necessary!
    Great blog, once again!


    As soon as I hear the word “naked” I immediately think of nude people. Even when naked is used in a figurative context describing one’s emotional being or skeletons in the closet, I would flinch in high school hearing the word. Perhaps that’s not so uncommon, though.

    I do remember how much I always enjoy to feel my skin wrapped in fewer garments. Perhaps as young as seven, I would take my PJ’s off underneath my covers. Even earlier, say three or five years old, I was known to stuff toys down my pants! Coming into my preteens, I would, some days, return from school and take my boxers off before putting my jeans back on. Nobody would know, but it gave me a rush and felt better. About when I was 21, I had a couple of friends one night who took their clothes off under some blankets while hanging out in another one’s garage who was not participating. The two encouraged me to take mine off under my blanket and part of me would have been glad to. I didn’t however, maybe because I felt insecure of my sexuality or theirs or maybe because I was afraid they were playing a prank on me. They finally revealed it was no ruse and ran across the garage for something, I forget what, but definitely only in the skins they were born with. There even happened to be a girl with us that night but they weren’t ashamed.

    I don’t feel very uncomfortable at all being naked now adays. I’m proud of what I’ve got. It’s me. I’ve taken it off in front of strangers and it’s relieving, especially when others are also naked. I also feel myself being able undress my personality in front of strangers, too, the more I get older. If every one could do such a thing, and if every body could be accepting of all types of naked people, both personally and physically, I think so much angst could be alleviated from this world and harmony would be it’s replacement. Seeing more of each other shouldn’t be something to cringe at.

    Great blog!


    I will fully admit to not being the most experienced of lover’s but I completely agree with you Eva – The seduction is so much more enticing to me than the intercourse and getting naked is a huge part of that. To use your example the boudoir photo is far more erotic to me because my imagination still has so much to play with. With the spread leg woman on her back options are (relatively) limited.

    I’ve been plotting my trip to Sheri’s for a month (?) now thinking about what I want, what I look for in a lady and all of those things. The two things all of my ideas have in common is that the lady has to have an amazing personality and that what we do will be taken slowly and enjoyed. We’re creating memories here, a “wham-bam-thank-you-mamm” will be forgotten in a heartbeat.

    The art of getting naked is important because it shows a bit of personality, and that is the truly sexy part of a good woman. What if that boudoir photo was of a woman wearing the sports jersey of her guy? Both are incredibly erotic and say different things. Good sex is more about the emotional connection than the physical exertions themselves. Heck a loving striptease and goodnight kiss from someone I connect with will probably linger in my imagination than a quick handjob from someone who I don’t even know.

    Charina Lee

    The BEST part about clothes is the ART of taking them off! And, it IS an art if one thinks about it.

    I absolutely love the entire emotional seduction of slowly going from clothed to naked!


    Oh, and not too many women look like Eva naked. Like an Angel!!!!!!


    Thanks for this post, gave a quick reminded to slow down and be a little sexy before just ripping my cloths off 🙂

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