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My list of ladies I’ve partied with:

-Jesse Page
-Brandy Lynn

Uh, wait… what?
Yeah, I know that the brevity of my list will come as a surprise to folks who know how often I’ve been there. There are a lot of reasons for that, but among the main ones are that I used to live in Vegas, and after I left I had to return from time to time to tend to certain matters. It was always hard for me to be in that town on account of things that happened while I lived there. So I stayed in the comfort of the hotel at Sheri’s, surrounded by lovely women who were nice to me, safely distant from my old home.
Ironically, the trips when I did party most occurred when I had a great job in Northern Nevada, when I lived within walking distance from Dovetail Ranch in Carlin. I never set foot in the place. But when I had to make my excursions to Vegas, I stayed, as always, at Sheri’s, and I had the resources to get busy (with the same lady more than once). Sadly, the place where I worked closed its doors, leading to a period of reasonably good jobs that didn’t last. Lately, my fortunes have changed significantly for the better. But I live further away (San Francisco).
My next trip to the Ranch is tentatively scheduled for Labor Day weekend, and I’m checking the updates to see who will be there.
None of the ladies I’ve partied with are still there. I have a few ladies on my to “do” list, including but not limited to:
And there are a few whom I haven’t met yet whose acquaintance I am eager to make.
Perhaps I can become more of a fixture there again!

Skywalker out.

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