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I will fully admit to not being the most experienced of lover’s but I completely agree with you Eva – The seduction is so much more enticing to me than the intercourse and getting naked is a huge part of that. To use your example the boudoir photo is far more erotic to me because my imagination still has so much to play with. With the spread leg woman on her back options are (relatively) limited.

I’ve been plotting my trip to Sheri’s for a month (?) now thinking about what I want, what I look for in a lady and all of those things. The two things all of my ideas have in common is that the lady has to have an amazing personality and that what we do will be taken slowly and enjoyed. We’re creating memories here, a “wham-bam-thank-you-mamm” will be forgotten in a heartbeat.

The art of getting naked is important because it shows a bit of personality, and that is the truly sexy part of a good woman. What if that boudoir photo was of a woman wearing the sports jersey of her guy? Both are incredibly erotic and say different things. Good sex is more about the emotional connection than the physical exertions themselves. Heck a loving striptease and goodnight kiss from someone I connect with will probably linger in my imagination than a quick handjob from someone who I don’t even know.

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