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Well, hopefully your dilemma will stimulate some second thoughts to the practice of Courtesans strictly adhering to the 10 minute rule (even though you only shared her company for 5 minutes). You had requested the Lady first, but a couple wanted to interview her for a party too. However, the Courtesan was already in your company so it’s my feeling that before she allowed the hostess to whisk her away to the couple, she could have asked you if you wanted her to stay to negotiate and potentially party. Although, she may have been hesitant to give you what might be interpreted as an ultimatum and assumed that you would ask her to negotiate if truly interested in her instead of permitting her to leave. In addition, maybe the hostess should have offered you the prerogative of spending more time together or to negotiate because you had requested that Courtesan from her initially. It’s generally true that couples parties are more expensive than singles parties, but it’s Sheri’s Ranch ultimate objective to revere all clients equally. It’s difficult to second guess them because I don’t know what discussion transpired between the hostess and Courtesan. I am truly sorry that you felt slighted though because it’s Sheri’s Ranch goal that every customer be treated with the utmost dignity, compassion and be completely satisfied in their brothel experience.

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