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I’m a newbie! I’ve only been to NV once, which was last month. I played with Emma and I had a lot of fun. Thanks to my lovely wife for encouraging me to go!

I’m headed back to NV in about 2 weeks. I’ve scheduled an appointment to see Emma again. I am excited to make my trip back to Sheri’s!

In addition to my scheduled time with Emma, I’m tentatively considering lengthening my upcoming July stay in NV and, if I do, I will consider playing with a new lady or playing with Emma twice.

I do have a “to do” list including, but most definitely NOT limited to:



My wife stayed back in Vegas when I went to Sheri’s for my first visit. My wife is not traveling with me for my upcoming July trip. She and I are planning to visit NV together the week of Christmas, and we’ll definitely visit Sheri’s together.


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